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Happy Thanksgiving!

To those in the US (since Canada celebrated last month), and if not, just good for a laugh ;)

Stargate Atlantis stuff

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The first official trailer for David Hewlett's Debug movie is now up at YouTube, so I'll embed a copy here. I see some familiar faces from the Stargate universe.

And, Stargate novels is offering a free download (Word of PDF) of one of it's Stargate stories, but just until November 2nd. Rush on over to I found it humorous that " Remember, this will only be available until Sunday 2 November after which it will disappear like Wraith fodder."

Cool, my moniker is almost there...

I miss Stargate Atlantis, heck, just Stargate. Scifi on TV just isn't the same, and Friday nights are more for watching stuff on video on demand than anything live on TV. 

Halloween pumpkins!

Nobody  has shown up yet, but soon. Hope I have enough candy. I ran out of ideas this year so simply carved pumpkins, using kitchen utensils. Hmm, it was actually fun.  Next year, maybe more pumpkins! ;)

and close-up of evil pumpkin....

and it's goofier sibling ;)

And I survived New York Comic Con

I'd love to do three days, but figure it might kill me ;) Did both Friday and Saturday at New York Comic Con (#NYCC) and it was a blast. However, getting up at 5:00am each day, to pick up friend, then go to train station and not getting home till 10:00pm was tiring. However, it's now  physically impossible to do the convention in one day. It's just too big! So, the first day I did the dealer's room, plus the "Elementary" panel, where they showed the first episode of the new season, which culminated with Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, a new cast member and production person (name is blanking!) all talking, then doing a Q&A until the stupid microphone died. Bummer. but the production person finished answering the question by gesturing wildly as he answered the question. It was funny.

The dealers room was just enormous. I took a bunch of photos of things I wanted, and things I wanted to go back and get, which I did: some soap brains, some t-shirts, fridge magnets but overall, not a lot, as my budget was limited. I saw a gorgeous Godzilla model, chained to its podium (darn) which glowed orange. I don't even want to know how much that sucker cost. Godzillas seem to go up in price all the time. I also went to the autographing area, just to look - too pricey for my tastes, and then over to Artists Alley, which had the emptiest bathrooms I saw (some just had lines that never seemed to end).

The costumes ranged from so-so to simply incredible. My favorites were the robot made out of a styrofoam coolers. Very imaginative and whoever was inside took their role to heart and had skillful robot moves. There was a Batman with a wingspan that just spread out forever, a David Tennant doppelganger. I swear, it was him. I do. My friend and i joked that if I followed him around trying to figure out if it was HIM I'd be booted from the con for harrassment ;) But wow, yeah, he looked like the real deal. Meanwhile, George Clooney showed up - on Thursday, when I was theren't. Didn't see the "Walking Dead" folk, but this year the con emptied the IGN theater after each panel, so if you wanted to attend a panel, you went to the cattle pen, er, big hall where everybody queues up to get into the con, get a wristband, then go off and enjoy the con. I'm sure some WD fen opted to sit on the concrete from 10am to 3:30pm to get that front row seat ;)  I remember one costume, some guy with a shield on his arm, and apparently everytime he went to gesture at someone, he'd raised the shield. I nearly got nailed but scooted around and I heard his friend say "You're gonna kill someone doing that!" or words to that effect. I dodged shields, feathered wings and other cosplay bits and pieces all day long.

And here is my collection (600+ pictures) in two albums. Enjoy!

Blood moon

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It never seems to fail that whenever a neat astrological occurrence happens, it's cloudy. Yup, rain last night (but no t-storms as predicted) and this morning was nicely warm, but, sigh, cloudy. Looking at all the pictures online just isn't the same. So, I can predict rain far into the future, as this always seems to happen.

Hoping for decent weather this weekend as I did score tickets for New York Comic Con. Not looking for anything in particular - just like to wander the venue and buy things I sure don't need but want ;) And it never fails that Person of Interest panels happen on Sunday, the day I could not get a ticket for due to NYCC's horrid online ticket buying system (don't get me started on that). And a Sleepy Hollow panel, too. Double darn!

The new TV season

Hot guys
Wow, the new tv season is upon us and while I enjoy some of the shows, nothing has clicked fannishly like Stargate Atlantis. Drat.

Let's see, thumbs up for The Last Ship, which finished its run last month and will resurface next year. Good stuff. The Strain just ended and I'm enjoying it although sometimes the lead character can be a jerk. Was fun to notice the rat exterminator had been a Gou'ald on Stargate SG-1. I'm back to watching Sleepy Hollow (good stuff)!, Scorpion (which I watched later - not fannishly but predicatable fun). I let NCIS and the New Orleans spinoff air till Person of Interest, which despite all that happened last season, is still a load of fun. Won't spoil the fun on the first episode, but watching Shaw in her new job was hysterical. I catch ABC's Forever the next day on cable rewind - I mean, Ioan Gruffold. I swear he's got a painting in the attic as he doesn't seem to have aged much! Annoyed that CBS has ruined Thursdays till Halloween, when I catch up with Elementary again. Otherwise, nothing much. I've watched Z Nation on and off and while it's not a must-watch show, it is probably the only zombie show with a decent sense of humor. Walking Dead got so grim I gave up on it. My other boss spends time calculating when he can retire (which I think he'll do as soon as he can score Social Security).

Otherwise, job just plods along, with doing more work and not getting paid more, which is why I bought lotto tickets last week in vain hope I can give up the rat race. If only.... and, let's see, finally got the Hurricane Sandy tree debris cleaned up, so the yard looks a LOT better. Now if I could get $10K to clear and chop other trees. Took a few dozen wheelbarrows of pine chips and put around the shed out back. Evicted wasps from several places. Tenacious critters.

Starting to clean house. Really have to get rid of stuff so I don't end up on Hoarders ;) No, not that bad but we're still going through my mother's stuff. She was a packrat. And I think it's hereditary :)

I know I had more to post, but Sleepy Hollow is starting ....

Surfacing from the suffering of suburbia

McKay-this is cool
Ah, Spring came, and then Summer, and now the weeds have taken over everything. I finally broke down and got a weedwacker (aka oh um, forgot the other name for it). Only real decision was gas vs. battery. I went with battery as well, mixing gas, all that noise. Not for me. I LOVE it! I whacked up a ton of weeds, and of course, being in shorts and tank top (bad idea) got spots of poison ivy or something all over me, but then again, saved days of work.

Then the lawnmower died. It was slogging along okay until I went around side of weedy hurricane-Sandy-debris that has still not been cleaned up and mowed over a truck part. Mower slammed to halt and died. Attempted repair. Thing shuddered so much we figured, time to get new one, so several hundred dollars (gah!) later, I can mow lawn again. I need to win lotto so I can hire someone to mow lawn, preferably Thor from the movies,and I'll let Loki handle the poison ivy patch ;)

I can't believe Stargate Atlantis hit its ten year mark while I'm also scraping up the gravel driveway into a wheelbarrow (got washed away during drenching torrential storms).  I'd love to see an SGA movie, but then again, too many movies done that far out don't work out too well.

Been to a few library booksales and now have completed my collection of C. .J. Box books. Somehow, I can see Joe Flanigan Joe Pickett. Would love to see those books become movies or a TV series, if done faithfully to the books. Started read the Tim Dorsey serial killer comedies (yes, a humorous series of books about a whacky killer in Florida). The audiobook was a scream. Also have read a few of Deon Meyer's books about an alcoholic policeman in South Africa. Very different and I'll see what else the library has.

TV-wise, we're now in the dearth of summer reruns, reality shows, and the horror of new shows starting and me not knowing. I miss the days of shows started in September. Period. But I've actually started and stuck with The Lost Ship (er, think that's the title, on TNT, er, USA, oh darn, with the guy from Grey's Anatomy, a show I never watched). It's pretty decent. And then i segue into the new FX series The Strain, about a virulent plague and nasty vampires (not of those teen angst vampires, of which I am burned out on and I never even watched 'em). So far it's pretty good and it's actually made me watch TV at 10:00pm. Only other shows I'll stay up for are Longmire on A&E and Person of Interest on CBS (the latter is in repeats though). I'm still checking out Under the Dome as I can catch it on cable rewind.

Still without pet, although I go down periodically to the local cat shelter and get my cat fix (including the occasional scratch and lots of cat fur). One day...

Oh yes, conventions. Did MediaWest*Con,which i go to for the fans, not the fandoms, although did have fun talking Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock, which was on my door decoration, which I discovered once I got home that I forgot to take photos of it! *headdesk*

Tried to get a three day ticket to New York Comic Con. What a nightmare! The website crashed, I got locked out of 3 day tickets, had the Saturday tickets in my cart and then, POOF! server error. I lost 'em. Had to settle for Friday. Don't know if I'll go through their hellish queue of getting tickets next year. They really need to limit it to two tickets per person, with names attached to each. Scalpers had over 700 tickets on eBay/Stubhub within an hour of the sale opening up. gah!

And that's about it for. Thinking about getting a tablet though, to of course websurf, answer email, but also to read books and listen to audiobooks. Any suggestions??.

Wow, Stargate gets the reboot

shep B&W

Yup, it's finally happening. reports that Roland Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original film with Dean Devlin, will direct and Devlin will produce.

I get the feeling the reboot will be totally recast, skew younger. I'd love to see the SG-1/Atlantis folk in it, but am not holding out any hope....

But one can dream of cameos...

Cold, cold, cold

I can't wait for Spring. Not the day that Spring begins, but for when all the snow is gone, when it's warm enough to sit outside in shorts in the nice sun and spend hours reading a book and just relaxing.

The snow that came eons ago (at least it seems that way) is still outside. At least a foot across the entire yard and right now it's still hard enough I can walk across the top without cracking it. It's supposed it hit 46 F this weekend, so if it melts, that would be nice. The big snowpile with snow marker eyes (in the previous post) is STILL there. It shrunk down a few inches but alas, I think it will be there until May at this rate!

Saw that SyFy's Being Human got the axe, but at least they're supposed to wrap it up. Seems Fox Almost Human is on the fence. Not sure about SyFy's Helix, which I am enjoying, Person of Interest is still fun. Miss Sherlock on PBS. What with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman being so busy, I hope the next series comes out before I'm dead ;) Still enjoy Elementary too but wish I had more Benedict Sherlock...

So behind on fanfic but hope to catch up at MediaWest*Con, which is about three months away. Meanwhile, caught up with the Pendergast book series by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child. Keep thinking William Fichtner would be perfect as that FBI agent who is drawn toward supernatural type cases. Forgot to reserve the book at the library, so now must wait until whoever got the latest CJ Box book, Stone Cold, till I get my paws on it. Was hoping they'd get an audiobook but it's not in the library's catalog. Ah, to win Lotto so I can just buy all this stuff!
Alas, the craft store Michael's opened up nearby a while ago, and I keep getting coupons, so I keep buying little things. Anyway, I needed something to cover the wall in the bathroom. As the tiles were green, and the tub curtains were definitely tropical, I found these sheets of shell photos in the HUGE row of different colored/style papers. I took four and put them in a frame and it turned out pretty good. Only about a dollar for all four papers (on sale) and the frame was in the attic, so, cheap!

And then, the Nor'easter came in (to radically change topics). Gah, I'm soooo tired of the cold, of shoveling snow, of chiseling ice out of the gutter to prevent ice damns (yeah, damned dams). Don't even get me started on the heating bill. I could have flown to Hawaii for what I'm paying *cries*. Today I couldn't even get to work due to snow, sleet, and geez, the road wasn't even plowed and my little Civic just doesn't do snow well when it's that high. We ended up with a lot of snow. I made a snowman... sorta...

The shining eyes are snow markers. They're not even in all the way to the ground, so you can sorta figure out the size. It's a BIG pile of snow. I drew a happy face in it. And we have perhaps six more inches tonight, and another 1-3 on Saturday. ARGH!!!!
shep B&W
I saw this ad before the Super Bowl, but it was neat to see it on TV. It's like a miniature 30 second bad SyFy movie that was actually fun to watch. Doberhuahua. I want a stuffed toy one! I love this ad!

And the snowstorm that started last night but finished this a.m. sucked. The snow was like creme brulee... crunchy on top, soft underneath, due to snow first, then sleet, then cold. However, as the hours wore on, the snow was more like slushy concrete as it packed down from the rain, although the top was still crusty so I had to break it with the shovel. Road wasn't plowed till mid-afternoon so didn't get to work. I'd rather have been at work than shoveling shoveling...

And more snow comes on the weekend. I want to be in Tahiti....

Benedict Sherlock

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This PBS video was a hoot. I'm still thinking over the last Sherlock Holmes of the season - sure did NOT expect half of what happened to happen. Yikes!

Meanwhile, just a fun video with Benedict Cumberbatch.

I was in the wrong age bracket for Sesame Street, but probably would have watched had Benedict been on it ;)

And the TV season thus far...

shep B&W
Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock won't air on PBS till this coming Sunday so I'm sticking my fingers in my ears. No spoilers. LALALALALALLAA!

There's still nothing that grabs me fannishly like Stargate Atlantis did, although Sherlock comes close. I do watch CBS's Elementary and it's good and entertaining. Big Bang Theory is still the only comedy I watch - love all the sci-fi in-jokes. Why couldn't they have had something like that when I was a kid?

Let' see, what else?

I watch Almost Human - it's the only decent cop-buddy show on the air. It's pretty simple at times, but I do like the characters. Now Sleepy Hollow... yeah, I could listen to Tom Mison read the phonebook. He's great as Ichabod and thus far, they're doing excellent with Ichabod's view of present day America (why do you not drink the water from the lake? uh yeah, sure, parasites, pollution, you name it!) ;) Being Human has returned but it's against Sleepy Hollow, so I watch that show until it goes into repeats and will hopefully catch Being Human (which amazingly follows Almost Human, so surely we must get another show with Human in the title and a "C" word in front) in repeats on cable rewind.

Still watch NCIS, but since it repeats left and right, it's not must-see TV. I watchted the first Intelligence on CBS, tried the first couple minutes of next episode, then bailed. Nah. I definitely stay up to watch Person of Interest, which has major cast changes with the death of one character, with Reese trying to just leave it all behind (which may get some resolution in tonight's Reese-on-a-plane episode). I can't think of anything I really watch on Wednesday nights anymore, unless it's PBS or cable. Oh, I got hooked on the French series, um, American title The Returned, I think, about dead people who suddenly started showing up in a town next to a dam. They're not zombies, per se, they just show up as if nothing happened and have no memories of dying. Everybody is of course creeped out. All subtitled, slow in comparison to US stuff, but loved the music, and it was intriguing.

I watch the pilot for Helix on SyFy and do like it. Don't know if I'll ever think of the song Do you know the way to San Jose? in the same vein ever again. I'll stick with it, I think, because I'm a sucker for lethal virus stuff, although it made me think of a hybrid between the movies Outbreak and World War Z, the latter which I just saw on DVD and when the heroes went to the WHO (World Health Organization) who was one of the doctors at WHO but Doctor Who, the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. Neat. Of course I sit there watching Helix with quibbles such as why does a facility in the Arctic have such big wide corridors and how the hell do they heat it and does everybody have huge air ducts like they had in the Seaview?

Otherwise, we had snow, we had ice, we had the 'polar vortex' and temps went below zero Fahrenheit and the car door froze shut on one car and the garage door froze shut and I had to get out the hair dryers to thaw the frigging wheel things on the rail (yes, those technical terms). Wind chill was below zero while shoveling so I had to leave glasses inside, shovel albeit a bit fuzzily, so I could wear a N95 mask on my face to I didn't freeze off my nose and lips. Yeah, THAT cold. I had to shovel the driveway, and then when I finally get to the end, the road isn't plowed, so had to wait for them to go by as yeah, I went to work.

Meanwhile....Collapse )

Deck the halls with bound-up Daleks!

shep B&W
Christmas is coming and I've put up the tree (tiny thing) and there was spare stuff left over, so it was time to torment the Dalek as well. Wouldn't be Christmas without antlers on a creature bent on destroying the universe, or something like that ;)



McKay-this is cool
What was totally great about Halloween was NO major storm that knocked power out for a whole week, no new trees in yard (not that I've cleaned up last year's and of course, now it's all under snow, gah - really gotta clean it up).

My front porch decorations: another crime scene (I'm gonna use that tape till I die), panicked eggs, scared pumpkins and a deer skull (not in his picture).

more pictures under the cutCollapse )



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