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The dangers of the summer months...

Yes, it's summer. The snow has melted, the ice is gone, and now, the dangers of lawn mowing approaches. Not poison ivy, ticks or even rocks, but the rarely seen.... LAND SHARK!

What happens is I carve up the watermelon to look like a shark, then once we've basically carved out and eaten the innards, I put the shell of the shark outside, and then the local wildlife have their fun with it....

The eyes, of course, were gone and the insides scraped pretty clean. I'll check it out tomorrow morning to see what's left. It was moved several feet last night and upside down so something took it's time. I suspect the bottom teeth might get noshed on.

Yeah, things are boring in the 'burbs so you make your own entertainment...

And the TV season thus far...

Since there is no true 'season' left on TV, everything seems to start willy-nilly whenever it wants, on whatever platform it wants, which is probably why I forget to watch stuff, and gave up on Walking Dead because I missed two episodes because I hadn't realized it had started up again, so now OI'm several seasons behind. I figure I'll wait till the finale of the series and see who survives until the bitter end...

The Last Ship's second season began last week and was off to a good start. As long as it doesn't slide into any 'conspiracy' plotlines I'll be fine. Actors are great, nothing is over the top, and to show how much I haven't watched ABC in the last, er, um, decade? I had no idea Eric Dane had been "McSteamy" on Grey's Anatomy (although I did actually watch the episode, via video-on-demand) when they bumped off "McDreamy". Never tick off the executive producer, or head writer, or whoever.

Anyway, still annoyed that A&E jettisoned Longmire, but refuse to get sucked into Netflix right now, so I'll check the library and see if they've gotten Longmire season 3 on DVD yet. Then bingewatch :)

On the new stuff, I'm going to check out Mr. Robot. I saw a few minutes of it and it looks intriguing. As I liked the Matt Damon movie Proof, I've checked out the series and it's decent. I'm watching virtually all shows on video on demand these days (one day I'll replace the DVR - don't care to give Cablevision more money to RENT one of theirs).  Although it should have been a limited run series, The Dome is back so I'm checking it out. It's an hour of nonsense, and oh hey, the book Zoo is now a limited run series (yeah, we'll see about that) and I read they've changed some of what's in the book, so, alas, maybe more conspiracy crap, but I'll check it out to see how it turns out.

I have tried both Killjoys and Dark Matters on SyFy, and I always fall asleep watching it! HOwever, I'll have to check it out via video-on-demand (just better picture quality too) because David Hewlett guest stars in three episodes. Have to admit I need to check out more shows made in Vancouver to catch up with Stargate cast members. They pop up here and there. Wish that SGA were back or they'd make a movie, just as long as Mallozzi has zip to do with it. Dark Matters is too dark (literally) and reminds me of SGU. I swear the cast, costumes, etc. between the above two shows are interchangeable. Do they only have black leather for people to wear??

Realilty-wise, the snow has melted so now I mow lawns, and worse, hack back weeds, which grow so friggin' fast they must be from an alien planet. It's humid half the time, so painting parts of the house just can't get done. Sigh. It's a bumper crop of chipmunks and the lawn is riddled with holes. Only danagerous if you wear high heels ;)

Ah, saw some movies: 1) San Andreas. Total nonsense, where you just suspend belief and go "oh, it's just like a SyFy movie but with people w ho can act'. Limited number of cast, overdone SPX, sketchy cellphone coverage. Jurassic World was better. I rooted for the dinosaurs and alas, thanks to TV ads, many 'surprises' weren't, but the way the big nasty dinosaur was, so that was fun. And well, Chris Pratt was fun to watch, and if you just shrink raptors down to about 12-18", they'd make a good guard dinosaur around the yard. ;)

David Hewlett interview :)

Pretty much self explanatory :)

What a week...

Good grief, I haven't posted since March??? Must have been the weary winter of freezing temps, shoveling snow, chiseling ice, well, fortunately, NOT so much of climbing up ladders with hot water to kill ice damns, er, dams.

And now it's Spring, er, Summer, no, Spring. Weather is having issues with what it wants to be. So now  I'm mowing lawns.

This week was fun. Picked up glasses, arm broke off. Gah. Took over an hour tonight to install the wretched Windows updates. What were they installing??? The hellish 3 hours wasted trying to get 3-day, no, Saturday, no, ANY tickets for New York Comic Con. I ended up with a Friday ticket. What a nightmare. The folks who run the con have absolutely no IQ when it comes to listening to the wailing masses telling them NOT to sell all tickets in one day (so they did) and then their servers crash and instead of posting ON THE WEBSITE, they only post to Twitter or Facebook, ignoring the fact that many people are at work on Wednesday afternoon and some are blocked form stupid social media stuff. They tell people not to click on the "buy tickets" thing on website, but to go another site entirely (which, by the way, keeps crashing). Totally inept. Hundreds of tickets on StubHub and eBay. This will be my last year going to that con, I fear. A root canal is less painful, really!

Fannishly, well, ABC cancelled Forever, which sucked (but at least it ended on an upbeat tone); Person of Interest got another season, but there are rumors of 13 episodes only. Otherwise, wow, not much on TV is of interest. I do like Scorpion, Big Bang Theory, The Flash, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, but none of them tickle my fannish funny bone. I love to watch, but that's about it. Sigh... And although NCIS ended abruptly,we all know Gibbs will survive, cuz NCIS can't survive without Mark Harmon.

Only a week till Mediawest*Con, and Amtrak's disaster has almost screwed that up for a friend who of course has tickets on that particular line that is now in pieces. She's got a backup plan via Greyhound to catch up to an Amtrak connection, while after last year's hideous Amtrak trip, I opted to fly, so Delta keeps changing times of my fliglhts. Aggravating, but I think they're done. I hope. I think. Maybe....

Boy, I miss when I actually looked forward to Friday night TV - Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis. Now it's, well, I can't recall what is on SyFy anymore. Helix was interesting, but it got axed. Oh well, I can look forward to Under the Dome (derivative, but entertaining) and The Zoo, in which animals turn on people, which might be entertaining. Please let some bankers get eaten.... :)

Cabin fever, part IV

Not that there were other parts, but I see one more flake of that wretched white stuff, I'll scream. SNOW SNOW SNOW. Of course, now it's sleeting. Hopefully won't take out the power as it's gonna be cold, but then it will warm up to rain, maybe fog, then back to sleet and snow. And Spring is just around the corner, so they say....

So my winter is shovel snow, climb ladder, clear ice from gutters, put out extortion cube of suet to keep woodpecker from banging up the house, only to have fat squirrel suck it dry. ARGH! I shall have to make a DIY squirrel guard to keep that rodent from sucking dry the food block that keeps the bird from drilling holes in the house.

Mediawest*Con programming has begun, so there's new work. Wow, less than three months away! Maybe the snow will have melted by then... ;)

TV-wise, have not seen anything I'm too excited about, except the second season of Broadchurch with David Tenant starts this week (ack, gotta find out WHEN) so shall watch that. Alas, Longmire season 3 is on Netflix, so I guess I'll get the DVD down the road.

Almost done with audiobook of latest Pendergast audiobook (Blue Labyrinth) by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child and alas, sat too long on my butt and now I'm 4th in line to get the next C.J. Box book (Endangered) out of library, so opted for audiobook version instead.

Am getting a little excited for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I just discovered debuts a few weeks before MediaWest*con, so hoping that movie will be at the theater out there and we can go see it in a group on the new IMAX screen I think should be done by then.

Alas, no pets yet. I keep visiting a local cat shelter and just pet the cats, which the folks there don't mind as they want the cats to be socialized. It's a free-roaming shelter. They had a huge six-toed cat which got adopted. A real gentle giant. And there's this young cat that like to hop in my lap and chew my jacket (which fortunately already had holes so no big deal). One day...

Meanwhile, did you see the flying weasel picture? A real hoot, and it's real!


Purge time! Due South goes, well, south...

Well, I've finally bitten the bullet and am doing some decluttering, which is long overdue and it seems like in next  year or two, we'll probably sell the house as the taxes are too high, the house too large. I know WHAT house I want, but it was in magazine, and I'd have to build it, and well, I sorta don't have a half million to do it ;)

So today, Due South goes bye-bye into the trash. Just the VHS tapes, as I have entire series on DVD now. Stargate already went, except one box of redundant Stargate Atlantis VHS, which I need to let go of, since I have the series on DVD. What I should do is when I see a good sale on Blu-Ray on SGA, get that. Of course, would help to have Blu-Ray player, and a TV that does not double as a boat anchor. Oh yes, and that gets me ranting... the major networks (CBS, etc.) are now saying, well, "screw you" to anyone without a modern rectangular tv. I get a nose off to the side, I can't even read the text on the news now as it's just half the word. Gah!! At least the local affiliates haven't gone that far... yet, but it's just a matter of time. What I want is the 60" 4K TV my brother up north has - it's GORGEOUS.


Alas, have found boxes of Due South related movies on VHS - stuff I taped off tv, movies with Paul Gross, David Marciano, Callum Keith Rennie, etc. Averse to chucking those just yet as I'm sure some are not on DVD and would prefer to see if anyone would buy them for nominal fee plus shipping. That's the trouble when you have space to store boxes, and VHS tapes were cheap, and the combination means... too many VHS tapes!!!


Yup, it's 100 and some odd days till MediaWest*Con happens, and it's up to the 35th year. Wow... programming is open for suggestions now. The Yahoo group is at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mwcprogram/info and of course, the main site is at http://www.mediawestcon.org/

And for the first time in ages, I'm flying (after last year's Amtrak delays and lack of sleep, I doubt I'll ever take it out to Michigan again!). So, question - what kind of food can you take in your carryon luggage? I'm determined to do carry-on (those who know me, stop laughing hystericall). Can I bring from home a bag of unopened imitation Bailey's cream center chocolates? I know they confiscate any liquids and force you to buy overpriced water, but what about candies like that in carry-on?


Christmas is over, but must share

Another fan kindly posted this, but must share. It's both amusing and terrifying...

...And 2014 is nearly over

And I'm sure I'll be typing 2014 instead of 2015 for at least a month.... ;)

I honestly can't recall anything horribly exciting or disastrous that occurred during 2014; worst was the Amtrak trip back and forth to MWC*Con. It took over a day both ways and I vowed this year, NOT taking Amtrak. I'm actually holding to that and will fly, for the first time since, er, um, geez, '07? Anyway, I figured I could do just carry-on (those who know me, stop laughing hystericall) but have discovered that carry-on is 22x14x9 in size, and eegads, it's near impossible to find that size, or to find one that doesn't cost $100. For that price, forget it, I'll just pay for checked luggage. It's cheaper!

Fannishly, no new fandoms. Keep hoping but.... gotta get back to reading Stargate Atlantis fanfiction. I'm mostly reading books I take out of the library, or listening to audiobooks.

Also cleaning house. Gotta de-clutter. Found an ancient Star Trek classic poster of Kirk and Spock from when the show first came. Silverfish found it too. They chewed around the edges. Darn....

Othewise, wow, boring, dull, nothing to report. Eegads.... at least Christmas was uneventful, except for trojan that hopped onto my netbook (dealt with it within minutes of it hopping on board) and oh yeah, I watch the entire Doctor Who Christmas special only to have what nitwits at Cablevision plaster a tv ad right in the middle of dialogue in the second to last scene. Did it on the repeat too. I griped on Twitter and some cable lackey came on and asked "is it happening on other channels, too?" so I snarled "How should I know? I was watching Doctor Who!" Gah.... the cable video-on-demand worked on the THIRD try so I sped to the end and watched it. I may now just record the whole thing off the rewind so I can avoid the ads, which I've seen far too many times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those in the US (since Canada celebrated last month), and if not, just good for a laugh ;)

Stargate Atlantis stuff

The first official trailer for David Hewlett's Debug movie is now up at YouTube, so I'll embed a copy here. I see some familiar faces from the Stargate universe.

And, Stargate novels is offering a free download (Word of PDF) of one of it's Stargate stories, but just until November 2nd. Rush on over to http://www.stargatenovels.com/SGX-01-Stargate-SG1-Stargate-Atlantis-Far-Horizons.shtml. I found it humorous that " Remember, this will only be available until Sunday 2 November after which it will disappear like Wraith fodder."

Cool, my moniker is almost there...

I miss Stargate Atlantis, heck, just Stargate. Scifi on TV just isn't the same, and Friday nights are more for watching stuff on video on demand than anything live on TV. 

Halloween pumpkins!

Nobody  has shown up yet, but soon. Hope I have enough candy. I ran out of ideas this year so simply carved pumpkins, using kitchen utensils. Hmm, it was actually fun.  Next year, maybe more pumpkins! ;)

and close-up of evil pumpkin....

and it's goofier sibling ;)

And I survived New York Comic Con

I'd love to do three days, but figure it might kill me ;) Did both Friday and Saturday at New York Comic Con (#NYCC) and it was a blast. However, getting up at 5:00am each day, to pick up friend, then go to train station and not getting home till 10:00pm was tiring. However, it's now  physically impossible to do the convention in one day. It's just too big! So, the first day I did the dealer's room, plus the "Elementary" panel, where they showed the first episode of the new season, which culminated with Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, a new cast member and production person (name is blanking!) all talking, then doing a Q&A until the stupid microphone died. Bummer. but the production person finished answering the question by gesturing wildly as he answered the question. It was funny.

The dealers room was just enormous. I took a bunch of photos of things I wanted, and things I wanted to go back and get, which I did: some soap brains, some t-shirts, fridge magnets but overall, not a lot, as my budget was limited. I saw a gorgeous Godzilla model, chained to its podium (darn) which glowed orange. I don't even want to know how much that sucker cost. Godzillas seem to go up in price all the time. I also went to the autographing area, just to look - too pricey for my tastes, and then over to Artists Alley, which had the emptiest bathrooms I saw (some just had lines that never seemed to end).

The costumes ranged from so-so to simply incredible. My favorites were the robot made out of a styrofoam coolers. Very imaginative and whoever was inside took their role to heart and had skillful robot moves. There was a Batman with a wingspan that just spread out forever, a David Tennant doppelganger. I swear, it was him. I do. My friend and i joked that if I followed him around trying to figure out if it was HIM I'd be booted from the con for harrassment ;) But wow, yeah, he looked like the real deal. Meanwhile, George Clooney showed up - on Thursday, when I was theren't. Didn't see the "Walking Dead" folk, but this year the con emptied the IGN theater after each panel, so if you wanted to attend a panel, you went to the cattle pen, er, big hall where everybody queues up to get into the con, get a wristband, then go off and enjoy the con. I'm sure some WD fen opted to sit on the concrete from 10am to 3:30pm to get that front row seat ;)  I remember one costume, some guy with a shield on his arm, and apparently everytime he went to gesture at someone, he'd raised the shield. I nearly got nailed but scooted around and I heard his friend say "You're gonna kill someone doing that!" or words to that effect. I dodged shields, feathered wings and other cosplay bits and pieces all day long.

And here is my collection (600+ pictures) in two albums. Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/10668630@N06/sets/

Blood moon

It never seems to fail that whenever a neat astrological occurrence happens, it's cloudy. Yup, rain last night (but no t-storms as predicted) and this morning was nicely warm, but, sigh, cloudy. Looking at all the pictures online just isn't the same. So, I can predict rain far into the future, as this always seems to happen.

Hoping for decent weather this weekend as I did score tickets for New York Comic Con. Not looking for anything in particular - just like to wander the venue and buy things I sure don't need but want ;) And it never fails that Person of Interest panels happen on Sunday, the day I could not get a ticket for due to NYCC's horrid online ticket buying system (don't get me started on that). And a Sleepy Hollow panel, too. Double darn!


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