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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #4: Some reports, more photos of Paul M and Jason M

Okay, found some more reports, but more importantly, more photos! :) The photostream isn't as big as ComicCon (but then that was 20,000  people attending, or some astronomical number like that). Hopefully when folks get home from Dragon Con they'll be posting reports/photos.




N threw a fit I guess but M took them to the robot fighting and all was well. I got to enjoy the Panel. And yes...VERY enjoyable. though I could barely see Paul! He is hysterical and sweet and dang but as cute as he is on screen he's a darn hottie in person. (Of course he looked like a very TIRED hottie) I did manage a few pics but they're a bit grainy. You can see them here (link at site)



Com Highlights: …Having Paul McGillion tell me he remembered me after caressing my neck and then proceed to get me totally riproaring drunk.



Over all thoughts: Most actors are nice, even if you aren't buying a photos, some aren't.

Erik Estrada - nice man, still good looking.

Michael Shanks - warm, nice, and not rude at all.

Lexa Doig - married to Michael (I did not know that) gorgeous and very sweet.

Corin Nemec - laid back fun and very personable.

Johnathan Frake - personable, looked exhausted.

Nichelle Nichols - bitch... yeah still annoyed about this..



The Stargate panel was a lot of fun to attend that evening. The actors were drinking quite heavily, and talking about their practical jokes with much sexual innuendo. It was mentioned that the whole "communing with his symbiote" thing was brought about by him being extremely hung over and half asleep during a shoot. When they woke him up, he said he wasn't asleep, he was in character. What would his character care about the ramblings of these humans? He'd commune with his symbiote instead. True story.



And I rode in an elevator with Brent Spiner, and another one with two dudes from Stargate!





New shot of Jason Momoa



New shot of Michael Shanks



Corin Nemec and Chris Judge



Chris Judge and Jason Momoa



Michael Shanks and Claudia Black



Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks, Claudia Black and don’t recognize the lady at the right



Michael Shanks looks at Claudia Black



Michael Shanks and Claudia Black ponder a question



Chris Judge laughs at something



Michael Shanks and Claudia Black looking to right



Michael Shanks listens as Claudia Black talks



Lexa Doig listens as Michael Shanks talks



So far, no sign of anything uploaded regarding the Stargate folk on YouTube.



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