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Picspam: Promotional Stargate Atlantis season 4 photos (NEW)

 Publicity shots from Stargate Atlantis 4 are beginning to leak out here and there over the web. Posted below the cut are the latest ones gathered from the Canadian channel that's airing SGA on October 1st, and a MySpace account. Not sure where they got them or if they're official or what. This is just to cull all shots in one place, mostly for the benefit of dial-up fans and those whose work accounts ban MySpace, etc. visits ;)

Notice how Ronon is a midget, while Sam is now the tallest.

from http://www.themovienetwork.ca/stargateatlantis/index.php

Source unknown. Found on http://www.myspace.com/stargatecentralcommand

Woof! Nice shot :)

Does McKay look ... weird??

Okay, at least to me, something looks 'off'.

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