wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Be a Wraith! be a Wraith! Stargate Atlantis promotion in Times Square

Well, if you fit the casting paramters....

Backstage.com posted:

‘THE WRAITH TAKE TIMES SQUARE’ G Presents (prod.), in association with Warner Bros. and the Sci-Fi Channel, is casting The Wraith Take Times Square, a New Year’s Eve promotion for Stargate: Atlantis. Galen Greenlaw, exec. prod.; Jessica Hilf, prod. Event takes place Dec. 31-Jan. 1 (overnight) in Times Square, NYC. Seeking—Actors: male and female, 18-49, 5’9”-6’5”, will be expected to move through various high-traffic areas. Email pix & résumés to casting@ggreenlaw.com. Pays $275. Nonuni ...

and then the rest is available only to subscribers, but I read it, and went, oops, nope, too short, oops no, wait, wear glasses. If they take them off, I'll be a blind Wraith stumbling around Times Square....

Guess I'll be keeping an eye out on the New Year's Eve stuff now....

--thanks to the SGA_Talk yahoo group for the tip

Tags: stargate atlantis
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