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Stargate Atlantis: Joe Flanigan SciFi Q&A, transcript + screencaps, 3/3

Wow, well, SciFi had posted that interviews were just two parts, but part 3 of Joe Flanigan's video Q&A just popped up today. I'm not complaining. Hey, maybe we'll get more with the rest of the cast , too!

Video at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=206158

As usual, transcript and screencaps (almost 40) are under the cut. Nothing spoilerish in regards to Shepaprd in this segment, but there is some stuff on Keller and Ronon that could be spoilerish.. Enjoy!

Joe (to woman off-camera): What’s his name?

Woman’s Voice: Lieutenant Colonel Errandboy

Joe: Oh geez. LtColErrandBoy. Oh, Lieutenant Colonel Errand Boy. Ah, LtColErrandBoy, thank you for your question. I am learning how to play the guitar, and I did it because Jason Momoa started playing last year and I was actually kind of jealous ‘cause he got all the girls, and I actually picked up the guitar to get a little action and it turns out that I’m not getting any and I think it’s because I’m not a very good guitar player. It’s a good thing you just see pictures of me playing the guitar because if you heard it, you’d be pretty disappointed. I’m not very good, but I enjoy myself.


(they show a clip from “Sunday” of Sheppard and Ronon relaxing)

Joe: I listen to everything. I listen to Bach, and I listen to Bad Brains. I listen to Sex Pistols and I listen to, uh, Johnny cash. I listen to a ton of things. It really depends on my mood, and really, my wife and I always have arguments. She likes very different music than me. We’re always arguing about music. We’re in the car, and it’s like I drive and we like fight, like literally (clip from “Travelers” of Larrin belting Sheppard). She hits me and she puts my hand away and we’re always fighting over the radio because she wants… she thinks the stuff I listen to is very… it’s uh, it’s like… it’s like ‘headbanger’ music to her, so, she likes the female vocalists. I like pretty aggressive music, comparatively. So, I listen to everything.



DebraDownSth: Do you think shipping among cast members [characters]] is hurtful or helpful [to the show]?

Joe: Deb Down South, Debra Down South, Debra Down Siiith. Very interesting question. Um, however, I don’t know what shipping means. (to woman off-camera) What does it mean? (to camera) I’ll be right back What’s shipping mean? (Joe laughs, then ducks off camera as they show an explanation on-screen of the definition of shipping) I am back, DebDownSiiith. And I think that the shipping thing is, uh, it’s unavoidable. I mean we have to have connection, right? But if you’re talking about relationships? No. (clip from “Sunday” of Ronon and Sheppard talking about dating) Dangerous. I think it’s a dangerous place to go. What I’ve discovered is that audience think they want certain characters to get together, but they actually want the tension of them getting together. They don’t want the consummation. Once you consummate, you kind of ruin the whole show. (clip of Weir and scientist from “Sunday”) Which is not unlike real life, when you consummate sexual tension and it just turns into a big disaster, so, that’s my answer.





Woman’s Voice:  Pfyre would has actually thrown you an accolade at closing. This fans says “I also wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the show and most especially your portrayal of John Sheppard, you've given a real richness of depth to a character that could too easily have been played too shallow or indifferent.” (and while this is being read, Joe is weaving back and forth like he’s on a listing boat, amusing himself). Oh Pfyre. That was nice, thank you. I appreciate that. I… I appreciate that. I don’t know what to say, other than thank you. I like John Sheppard. He’s a good guy, he’s a good character to play. I really enjoy the character, actually. The character’s what keeps me sane. The rest of the guys are crazy though.


and lastly...



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