wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

David Hewlett attacked by stuffed penguin!

News at 11 ;)

David Hewlett has updated his blog, complete with picture of him and the killer penguin ;), and updates about....

* Stargate Atlantis season 5 (no real spoilers, so feel free to peek)
* Missing the annual SciFi dinner (detailed over at Joe Mallozzi's blog)
* Starcrossed!
* A Dog's Breakfast and release dates around the world
* Mars clattering around the house
*Joe Mallozzi spending too much time on his blog
 *Baz, of course, Baz

So, visit at http://www.adogsbreakfastmovie.com/content/view/155/35/ for the full details.

Tags: david hewlett, stargate atlantis
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