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What a day....Zombie Bambi, part 1

What do you do with an eviscerated body? I mean, really? We called the town and they said, not on public property, it's yours.

Yes, the joys of suburbia. NOT. 


Well, first thing morning, family member had to go to E.R., which turned into 12 hours at the E.R.!!! 

So, the body  and its bits lay all over the front lawn. Sometime last night, a pack of coyotes attacked a deer on our driveway, just mere feet from the house, chased it about twenty feet ripping off all the hair from the underbelly, then began to disembowel it alive. There was a path of hair, then bits of internal organ, and then a long trail of blood where the coyotes dragged to the edge of the property near the stone wall, and ate out all the guts. 

I found it when I let the dog out before the ambulance arrived. I said, why is the dog sniffing a pile of snow in the front yard? Wait, we havent' had snow in weeks, it's all gone (except for the pile in the area down here the road where the sun don't shine, really, the sun never hits that spot). Anyway, my eyes follow fur and blood trail and then I saw the partially eaten carcass. joy. At least it's winter, so the cold will keep down the stench (you don't want to see a four-day dead deer in the summer, nope, nope).

But while in the E.R., was talking with a paramedic who said, oh no, don't bury it, they'll be back tonight for the meat. And yup, after going home, arriving in the dark, I get out of the car and hear the most hideous hyena-ish noises out back. I'm like, "THEY"RE BACK!" so I rush into the house and hope they finish it off. Just went outside to walk tthe dog a few minutes ago and found that the carcass moved at least 30 feet, and more is missing, so... we're leaving it there it's eaten. Fortunately the neighbors can't see the front yard there or else they'd be pitching a fit. 

And since I'm so bone-tied from dead bambi bits everywhere, and the ER experience (boring but very stressful) I'll get ARK OF TRUTH tomorrow and hopefully be able to watch it.
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