wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

New Stargate Atlantis promo shot

First, visit this LJ for the humongous version of this photo. You should, cuz then you can see PoP (Perils of Photoshopping)... ;) 

Excuse me while I just, er, nitpick...  Ronon? Wow, he's cornered the market on black leather, but at least it won't get full of holes. Teyla... not bad, but can she breathe? Sure is tight. Woolsey will die of cancer later on due to the incredible saturation of Scotchguard on his uniform. Sheppard looks good but his face is sorta so either he's been to a spa or he's possessed by an alien. McKay? Bug up his butt. I mean, sorry, grr, snarl, geez, he's in a bad mood. Maybe it's the photoshopping job ;)  And why is his jacket so wet when others aren't? Keller, well, looks asleep.  And oh wait, wait, I know where they took his shot! In one of those gushing fountains in Las Vegas! ;)

Sarcastic snark rant off ;)
Tags: photos, season 5, stargate atlantis
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