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A new pet - and a new car - all in one day!!!

Yes, today was very momentous. Acquired a new pet AND a new car. I mean, wow!

Check under the cut for all the details, plus pictures of the new beauties!

Okay, now that I've lured you under the cut, you'll find out that well, there isn't always truth in advertising ;)

My new car! Isn't a beauty? Yes, a tiny little er, black car, whatever is that Dean and Sam drive in SUPERNATURAL, taped to my season 3 DVD set I bought today.

I know, I know, some people are going 'car? what car?" as they're too busy drooling into their keyboards looking at the guys.

Onward, yes, to my new pet. I think I'll call him George. I'll love him and squeeze him and make him happy. Okay, I'll feed him banana peels. Unfortunately, he's too sticky/slimy to hug *cough*

Isn't he/she (since they're both) a beauty? I was going out to the car this morning and nearly stepped on George, who was on the walkway, feeling awful cold, and the crows were hovering about, so I figured, he'll be in a bird's gullet in no time flat, so I grabbed an old fishbowl, tossed in old leaves, water, fresh grass clippings and a few leaves, mixed, put in slug, and sealed off top with a knee-high stocking (I knew they'd come in handy!). came home tonight and George seems okay. Oh, he does seem to like the banana peel (organic) I gave him. I'm turning some others black in the fridge as they like gross food.

I'll keep him till the weekend and then release him back into the wild. It's so bone-dry. Remannts of Hannah are coming up so after any washing-away/flooding is done (fortunately, we're not on a flood plain).

I mean, George is cute and all, and he does eat garbage, but I think my room might stink after a while.

Here's a picture of pretty clouds if seeing George has given you nightmares.

ANd, a video for those who want to see George move!

Tags: critters, tv, weather
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