wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

One more thing on Joe Flanigan on the Jace Hall Show

Big thanks to tavabean for pointing out that Jace Hall made a comment on the comments page at http://jacehall.tv/2009/05/07/episode-8-w-stargate-atlantis-joe-flanigan-a-visit-to-the-set-of-sanctuary-and-terminator-salvation-w-a-terminator/ in regards to the Joe Flanigan segment...

Jace says:

The Flan called me today and he is really please that people dig it!

Please spread the word about the show and we hopefully will be able to make more episodes.



Wonder if 'The Flan' is reading the comments page or going elsewhere on the web? Hmm....
Tags: jace hall, joe flanigan
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