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Stargate Atlantis actors on Stargate Universe??

Well, this should get fandom stirred up...


or http://bit.ly/cQp9oP

Showing off the vast fabric of the Stargate universe, cast members from both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis will make appearances in the second season of SGU.

That’s the word from our friends at SCI FI PI, the Web site for Australia’s SCI FI broadcast network, which was in Vancouver last week for an international press junket on the show’s set.

My opinion? It doesn't surprise me that they're using Stargate SG-1 characters. Daniel Jackson is smarter than most of the folks on Destiny so could always a help. Carter? I think the scientist in her would like to see the Destiny so she'd go... Teal'c? There's absolutely no reason for him to go, and he'd probably need therapy if he ended in Eli's body ;) Jack makes the most sense (everybody reporting back to him). Mitchell? He' s a pilot, so, er, why go?

As for Atlantis... and I see this, quite honestly, as a way to draw back all the Atlantis fans who quit the franchise (if you comment, please refrain from bad language, thx) . Let's see, Sheppard? Pilot, why go? McKay? Been through body swap, would probably rather eat a lemon than do it again. Teyla, no need, Ronon (same scenario as Teal'c) ;). Zelenka? Hmm...

But of course lots of folks could stay Earth-side as nobody is going to lose the dumb stones anytime soon. My guess is the guest star will be like 2-3 minutes max, although they'll promote the heck out of it. Call me cycnical, but I've watched SyFy too long ;)

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