wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

And Frankenpooch is home :)

The dog, now nicknamed Frankenpooch, is home. Considering the sewn-shut eye, redness, swelling (all typical of surgery), he seems to be doing fine. He's sleeping a lot, but that's okay too as he's on some painkillers. He's got a good appetite, and he hates the cone of shame, nickname for the plastic e-collar he must wear. He looks like a zombie dog, due to all the shaved-off hair and surgical stuff. For those curious and who are not easily squicked by post surgical shots, a photo of him in the e-collar can be viewed here

The cat has sniffed him up and is glad he's home, and so far doesn't mind being locked up downstairs during the day because I just don't want the two mixing up and getting into trouble - like dog wedging head somewhere ;)  And he's gotta wear that collar for at least 12 days till stitches are out.

Fortunately it's raining outside and dog does not like rain, so he'll stay inside more.

Tags: critters
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