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The cat

Alas, the poor kitty, now age 16, started showing some bad behavior around the kitty litter box (and rugs!) so of course this happens on a holiday weekend, and we took him to the vet as soon as they were re-open. Alas, it was as I feared. His kidneys aren't doing well :( His BUN level was 48, when it should be no more than 36, and his WBC (white blood cell count) was up to 22.68, pretty high. He also has some pancreatitis. He spent two days at the vet, on an IV to flush his system plus now he's on Baytril, Pepcid, senior cat vitamins, and oh yes, the Lactated Ringer's drip which we must administer as a SubQ injection/whatever, twice a week, I suspect, for as long as he lets us do it, or rest of his life. The vet said he could, if he does well, last for a few more years, or.... we'll know in a month when he goes back to rerun the numbers.

Here's the little guy at the vet, with the IV things in his arm. Not a happy camper. He's lost a bit of weight over the last half year, which we thought was due to being a picky eater and well, just being an older cat. We hope to get some weight back on him. We can give him cream cheese, to help with the pilling, which was sheer hell the first couple days. He bit me. We think we have now perfected the 'burrito cat' roll: swaddle him up in the big thick blanket, wrap twice, pin to chest, quickly (that was the secret) pop open mouth without shedding my blood, and have pill tossed in, then clamp mouth shut. Afterwards, I gave him some cream cheese to make him happy.

So now he's back home, and once the antibiotic runs out in a week, he'll be down to two vitamins a day plus the Pepcid, every single day for the rest of his life (oh god, I hope he relaxes and lets us pill him with less stress) plus the bi-weekly SubQ things, which he did well with at the vet but tomorrow night we'll find out and I guess, I'm going to have to be the one to stick him. Euuuuu.

Here he is going, sigh, back home!

Don't even ask me what it cost. Guess I'm not going on vacation anywhere anytime soon!!

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