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Found out about Shin Godzilla (or Godzilla: Resurgence as it's been termed in the US) being out for a mere two weeks, if that, from a friend on Twitter. Had to wait till it got closer to find out if one of the 400 theaters showing it was within driving distance, and it was! So my friend and I ordered tix through Fandago (costs a little more) because well, very limited run and we weren't sure of the attendance. We got to the movie early and there was one guy in theater thumbing through his smartphone. At about 30 minutes till the movie started, people started filing in. I'd say the theater was 90% full by the time the movie began, and we had no trailers, since this was limited run and a studio wasn't presenting it. @Funimation, who had a panel at New York Comic Con last weekend, put together the distribution deal.

Now, the first Godzilla from ye olden B&W days, rampaged through and stomped on Tokyo but slowly became more of a he's going to battle some other monster, or save us humans from another monster. This Godzilla? Bad-ass is what probaby best describes him.

I mean, yeah, all that red (which he had) and those hands/claws were creepy as were the really evil pointed teeth. He just stomped his way through Japan, and when the humans attacked? Well, let's say Tokyo is in need of a LOT of urban renewal. And the tail. You have to watch the movie to know all about his tail.

If you're a Godzilla fan, go and see it! It's finished on October 18th. The film is subtitled in English. Takes a while to get used to as there's a lot of rapid talking around meetings in the beginning.

Meanwhile on TV....
It's becoming reboot hell. I fear originality in Hollywood is just dead. This tv season... let's see, Frequency (Jim Caviezel version was good; this show may drag out angsty stuff far too long and perpetually change the present); Lethal Weapon (I'd leave it only to listen to Clayne Crawford's very smooth voice - show is pretty vapid, alas); MacGyver (gah, I tried, I REALLY tried but no, not for me), and oh, there's a Magnum PI reboot coming out soon - it's about his daughter and the seedy underbelly of Hawaii which sounds so unappealing, and a Dynasty reboot, and another War of the Worlds one, The Lost Boys, LA Law, the list just never seems to end.

There's absolutely nothing that screams must see TV anymore, nothing I can't catch a day or week later on video on demand on cable. I like Elementary, Quantico and The Strain, yet they're on against each other AND against Hearts of Space on NPR (radio) so the radio wins. Wishing something would pop up to grab my fannish muse but nada so far. I suppose that saves me money and I can go buy the Godzilla Christmas ornament instead ;)
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Dang. I wish I could see that. Nowhere around me, though.
Sorry to hear that. It'll be out on DVD in a year or so. Too long in my book.
You get used to it, living where the coolness doesn't come. lol
I have tried watching MacGyver too. I just hate it. I get board and spend more time on the computer until Hawaii 50 is on. I don't like all the reboots either. Just not any good.
Glad I'm not the only one who just can't get into MacGyver.
I really tried. I have watched each ep so far but I wind up mostly just listening and playing on the computer until H50 comes on. Mac didn't have a sidekick around all the time and the jokes are lame. there is no chemistry like Mac had with the people around hm in the original MacGyver. It all seems forced.on the show. Just not my cup of tea with this cast.

MacGyver is too cookie-cutter casting. I like the guy who plays MacGyver, but he's just not MacGyver. Like you said, no chemistry. It just doesn't gell. I saw ten minutes of the one with Mac's arch enemy and just went 'that's it? how casting has fallen!"

Will H50 bite the dust with Alex leaving?
Is Alex leaving H50? I didn't hear that. I read Scott Caan is doing 5 eps less to be with his family.

Yeah, MacGyver doesn't do it for me, at least this new version of it. I like the guy too but he is no Mac!

I can't believe Trump won and I know the environment and the animals will suffer the most. : - (
I looked that up. I hope he decides to stay. No one says he has to do his own stunts. I understand he hurt himself a lot but he can lay off the stunts and just look good standing around...LOL
I pretty much don't watch TV shows anymore since very little interests me, and what does interest me I can watch on Netflix. I am kind of, sort of into Killjoys at the moment but it hasn't completely hooked me. Definitely not the way SGA did.
I have not found a single show since SGA that has hooked me. I keep hoping but there's nothing I can't watch on video on demand. The only thing I actually will attend to live is Hearts of Space, a new age/space music program, on NPR on Sunday nights.
One of the guys at work watched ten minutes and went ARGH! And he's younger than me.