wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

And.. the Christmas tree is up!

All 18 or 24" of it. I go tiny as well, it's been ages since we had a big tree, and now, well, I want the perfect white Christmas tree. I saw one, but at $300, I balked (I'm more like, oh, hey, $8 at Target, yes!). I have four little ones set up around the house now. And it sorta washed out as I used flash on white which mucked up the meter and I was too lazy, no, busy!, to redo it ;)

The penguin salt and pepper shakers make great decorations :)

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Looks great hon.
Penguin salt shakers are cute!!
Got them on sale at Pier One years ago, purely for decoration.
It's so cute!!!!!
I love tiny ones. Less work to dismantle them (although takes a while, which means they're up until, oh, February).
ooh, pretteh! I need to get ours up.
That is quite lovely! White seems to be this year's trend, I've seen a few and thought how good it looks.

At least you don't hang hamburger or pizza pieces or other weird things on it. Some of the American ornaments really puzzle me ;) Over here, Christmas tree decorations are usually made of wood. Like this: http://www.erzgebirgische-holzkunst-tuebingen.de/images/10_1314370856.jpg
I LOVE white Christmas trees if they're the correct (for me) white. Um, believe me, had they had tiny donuts ornaments I would have added them ;) In fact, I have four of these little trees up - two white, one silver, one gold. Silver and gold have traditional single mixed colored ornaments. Other white ones had UK mini globes, penguins, bells, etc.

Those wooden ornaments are quite nice! Especially like the cow :)