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Season 4 Publicity shots for Stargate Atlantis (from newsletters/magazines)

 Some teensy shots off MGM and NBC newsletters.* Hopefully these will be, can we dare really HOPE?, full page ads in TV Guide or somewhere?? Anyway, this is the same shot you see at the end of some Stargate Atlantis ads somewhere on SciFi's schedule.

This one might be debatable as NBC has severed its contract with iTunes. Ouch.

Another version arrived in the mail (apparently, maybe they're gearing up to promote the show?) (Thanks to Sherry for this one)

Lastly, this is a shot of Carter in her new uniform. Yay or nay? Personally, I had no idea Carter was trying out for the roller derby. Ack. Oh god, I'm sorry, but in looking at the leather stuff on the knees, all I can think of is the Robot on LOST IN SPACE, waving its mechanical arms, screaming "Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!" I mean, sorry, but this uniform is, well, stupid. Unless she's going to be spending a lot of time on knees... filing, gardening, or on a roller derby rink.

Luckily, John Sheppard did not get dressed in the same duds (eh, it's just an excuse to post this picture in its big size) Much better uniform, although I seriously doubt we'll ever see the bootlaces tied properly, but eh, who cares?

* NOTE: You can subscribe to these newsletters (but I suspect most fans already do sub to the MGM one!<G>)

MGM -http://www.mgm.com/
NBC - https://www.nbcunetworks.com/

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