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Stargate SG-1: "The Pegasus Project"


The Pegasus Project”
Just rambling notes…
Loved the squabbling of genius minds (Sam,Rodney) at the conference table. “If he speaks again, I’ll shoot him,” smirks Sheppard. And just the general squabbling was so much fun. “Hell, you can keep him,” Shep says when asked if he can spare Rodney. Loved how he gave Cameron the lemon. The whole scene between the two teams (what there was of them) was very fun.
Wow, Weir’s hair grew AWFUL fast between “Misbegotten” and this episode.
From the sounds of it, Weir would be content to spend the remainder of her life on Atlantis, exploring the city and the galaxy.
Love that Daniel is still keeping an eagle eye on Vala, and shoves her toward the library while she wants to ‘sight see’.
Fun scene: McKay telling her about his hallucination of her in the sunken jumper and how her ‘presence’ saved his life. Then she realizes he was fantasizing about her. “Was I naked?” she cringes. “Partially,” he grins lasciviously.
Daniel going about asking the hologram various questions while Vala tells him ‘what will it hurt to just ASK.”. Typical man. Doesn’t want to ask for directions ;)
Poor Rodney. Not allowed to eat in the corridors. Can’t have those pesky crumbs floating around.
Sam and Rodney arguing about vaporizing the Stargate and then almost saying how he finds her arguing sexy but when he turns, bumps into Mitchell. I swear, Rodney’s brain just turns to J-ello in the presence of Sam Carter. Bet Mitchell was just itching to shoot McKay. “I’m not under the threat of impending death yet,” and then Mitchell shoves a lemon in his face. Ooh, low blow. I see a some fanfic out of that!
Whoa, the hologram was a glowy ascended person!
Oh oh, McKay is playing around with explosive stuff. Two bombs. “It usually helps to threaten me,” remarks McKay. And he’s so smug about it. Let’s all say “Duranda” Oops.
Yeah, Zelenka’s there!
Weir walking into Daniel yelling at the ceiling and the hologram finally ‘fessing up after being caught.
Ah, great to see the impassioned Daniel Jackson again!
Nifty black hole effect… Oh and hey, one Ori ship down J Makes up for them blowing up the Orion and the Prometheus.
Only real gripe: Sheppard was barely there. Darn darn darn.
Oh yeah, and Scifi’s annoying ads at the bottom, but I guess we should be lucky they were for Eureka and not that awful superhero show.

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