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Stargate Atlantis "Irresistible" spoiler tidbits...

Just rambling thoughts on this episode, as it inspired me enough to pen a fic (hope to get it done shortly).
Okay, when I first heard of this episode, I was very leery. However, yes, it was fun although predictable but the dialogue made up for that. Lucius is just the Stargate version of Star Trek’s Harry Mudd.
Sheppard’s cold – we all knew it would be a pivotal plot point. I’m assuming it’s a Pegasus Galaxy version otherwise it wouldn’t do to spread Milky Way germs all over the Pegasus Galaxy.
Harvesting space gates. I just got this inane vision of digging ‘em out of the ground, but ‘harvesting’ is more like ‘procuring’ or ‘swiping.’ Guess possession is 9/10ths of the law in that galaxy too.
The bridge they’re talking about – sounds like an interstate highway. Tolls will be next!
McKay’s radical change of opinion on contacting the locals once he sees they’re all buxom and in low cut tight dresses.
The beginning sequence in the village –costuming, everything – reminded me of the 1960s Star Trek. Seriously. Harry Mudd, anyone??
Poor Shep. Lucius whining to trade stuff and he’s like “noooo.” Probably the first truly useless visit to a planet they’ve had and they make the mistake to send Carson back. And alone? No security? I mean, the last time they left him alone, look at what happened!
Lucius’ apothecary reminded me of the Ancient’s (har, bad pun) apothecary from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, only more well lit. Lucius is definitely a snakeoil salesman, as Sheppard called him.
Just loved it when Carson brought Lucius back. It’s like a kid coming home with a stray cougar saying, “mom, I bought home a kitty.”
Carson didn’t think they’d mind that he’d bring a stranger home. Hello, brainwashing! “Acting .. smitten.” “I had another word in mind,” said Sheppard. Heh. Obsessed, perhaps?
Wow, they’ve really spruced up the place – taking a look at the guest quarters they gave Lucius. Did a little shopping at Ikea, did they?
Did this episode seem, well, brighter? Literally?
Wasn’t Weir’s hair longer in “The Pegasus Project”? Just looked it. Odd…..
Weir’s reaction to Lucius’ obvious leering over her body. He’s so lucky she didn’t smack him. Teyla would have. Teyla should have, then the whole fiasco wouldn’t have occurred.
Poor Shep and McKay come back to find the inmates are now running the asylum. Of course, it can’t be the ENTIRE base under his spell…. As they have at least 100 people there, so where are the rest? Unless of course the phermones spread through the ventilation system.
Loved the Batman discussion, and Stepford Wives mention. Very good use of pop culture.
Shep comes back to find Rodney has been taken over. Rodney says “Ronon held me against the wall” and we became friends. I’d love to see McKay when he gets his senses back and remembers that.
Other stuff that was fun… Shep’s reaction to Beckett and ‘his’ team going to that wraith occupied world to get the herb. Shep luring Beckett out of the infirmary to stun him and the ‘intervention’ scene on the jumper was a hoot.
And the very end…
Shepard: So everyone here back to normal?
Weir: We’re still fine, John.
Sheppard: (delighting in tormenting his coworkers) No lingering desires? Secret longings for his touch?
Beckett: It’s embarrassing enough without you constantly reminding us, thank you.
Sheppard: All right , all right (pats McKay on arm) I’d better go back and clean your quarters before the next scout (Sheppard runs off)
Rodney: Right
Weir: (pissed) RODNEY
Rodney: )groveling) It was one teeny tiny taste for research purposes.
Weir: BURN IT.
Beckett: All of it
Weir: Right now
Rodney: Fine. The story of my life. (Looks at Teyla sorta longingly as he departs)
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