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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #5: Lots of reports & photos!

Ah hah, the fans are arriving home and beginning to post (the good, the bad and ugly). Photos are going up as well of the Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 guest stars at Dragon Con. I’ve also added a few more new links for the Chicago Stargate convention. Enjoy!




I headed over to the Walk of Fame with Beth and stood in line.  (Marriott is clearly having issues with their lobby air conditioning during construction.  I was getting sweaty.)  Went straight over to Paul McGillion's table to drop off the flyers that had caused me so much angst.  David Hewlett had forgotten to tell him about the flyers, but he was open to putting them out. 
I got to shake his hand and had to lean in close for him to hear over the noise.  (This was not a bad thing at all!)  We then waited for him to finish getting set up and I went ahead and bought my autograph.  (Should have taken a damn picture then!  ARGH!)  When he found out I was a Paula, he said, "Good name."  I said, "Clearly, our parents have good taste."  So my autograph was "To the lovely Paula with terrific taste."  ::squee!::  According to Beth, I did not make a fool of myself.


Quick list of celeb autos acquired:
  Paul McGillion for me
Further celebrity sightings/con report/parade report will be forthcoming after sleep and more food. It will be heavily edited as I am pleading the fifth on much of my jackassery. What happens at Dragoncon, stays at Dragoncon.
There are many elevator stories, though.
I have every intention of going next year.
I apologize to anyone who actually followed me on twitter. I texted a lot.


Got the car. Driving. Already lost. Saw Aaron Douglas n Paul McGillion leave. Should be a VIP. about 19 hours ago from txt

Paul McGillion just walked by wearing a Save Carson shirt. Fab. 12:11 PM September 02, 2007 from txt

First auto of the con...Paul McGillion. :) 03:44 PM August 31, 2007 from txt

Back from stargate panel. In love w/ Paul, Corin, John, and Alexis. 02:51 PM August 31, 2007 from txt



4:45 pm - A bunch of us are going to the Stargate Guest Mega Panel. Hmm, we should probably get going as the event starts at 5:30 and is going to be popular.

5:00 pm - Holy shit! The line for the mega panel extends out the front of the Hyatt and then halfway around the f**king building. Line-ride begins. Karma laughs back.

5:?? Pm - I'm actually amazed that once the line actually starts moving, we enter the Centennial room fairly quickly. Not the best of seats though, probably a good 100 feet from the stage.

5:?? Pm - Guest panel arrives, among them Louis Gossett Jr., Michael
Shanks, Christopher Judge, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, Corin Nemec, and Alexis Cruz. This ends up being by far, my favorite event. Although the event was structured as a Q & A, these guys kept diverting from the questions to poke crude fun at each other with cutting edge wit made even more poignant by the fact that several of them are drinking. I laughed my ass off.



When I'm not so tired I can maybe remember what I did all weekend, but I definitely remember meeting Paul McGillion



Dear rabid fan who felt the need to ask the Stargate Panel in front of 2,000 fans if Jason and Paul would please kill Sam Carter on Atlantis,
I could spend a great deal of time calling your a variety of dirty names for bringing your hate into what is supposed to be a place of squee, a place of celebration for an awesome show that has brought a lot of people together and entertained people for over a decade.  But mostly, I just want to say that you are lucky I had finished drinking my water or you might have gotten pelted with a water bottle of rage and the rest of the crowd would have made me their queen. Because if you couldn't quite tell, the boos and yelling that drowned you out were 2000 people calling you an idiot.  I could also go on for quite a while about the disturbing amount of misagony you project towards a TV character and yourself when you stand up and ask asinine questions like that.
But I won't.
Instead I will let the awesomeness that is Paul McGillion speak for me:  "Kill Sam Carter?  Why would I want to kill her?  I want to sleep with her."  Yes, Paul, so do we all.



We got there bright and early, so we got good seats for the last big Stargate panel -- fourth row back on the far left. That was an amazing panel. I barely stopped laughing for the entire hour (and then some)! Chris Judge and Michael Shanks lived up to their reputation. The way they play off each other, the way all of them mock each other, it's absolutely hilarious. There were some more serious, deep moments in response to some questions, which was great, too. Mostly it was just a bunch of hilarity, and that's exactly what I wanted out of the panel.

When that panel ended, we headed to the Walk of Fame, since </v:stroke></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:formulas></v:path></o:lock></v:shapetype></v:imagedata></v:shape></a>astrum_presul and her mother had tickets to talk to Jason Momoa and Alexis Cruz. We were loitering in the room, outside the roped-off Stargate area, and I suddenly noticed that hey! That's Claudia Black! I'd thought she wasn't going to be there today, but apparently she was. I wonder if she talked her con manager and convinced her that she was staying. So yes, I got to talk to Claudia! Just for a minute or two, but that's all I really wanted -- just enough to say thank you for coming and that I really enjoyed her panel on Friday. She was very sweet. My autographed picture isn't personalized, but you know what? That's okay. I know it was done for me, and it's really just a memento so I can look at that and go, "Yes, I talked to Claudia Black." Visual cues help memories, you know?</span>



Home safe. I've got stuff I can report, but not right now -- too damned tired. I will give a couple high points: Saw all my best freinds; shook Jason Momoa's hand; I have Who Wants to Be a Superhero? comics; found the *best* cosplay McKay and Zelenka; and though we didn't get hotel security knocking at our door, we did break the bed at the party last night.



This morning I finally got to a panel with Jason Momoa.  I had wanted to see him all this weekend, and I finally did.  That's what I'm talkin' about.  That man is sex on a stick.   So happy I finally got to see him.



Jason Momoa is so beautiful he took my breath away. [Sorry, E, I didn't smell him]
Claudia Black is gorgeous in person - missed her Pitch Black panel - if was full so we went to the first of the Farscape panels
Alexis Cruz is not only a very attractive man but he is thoughful, articulate, and has a great, level headed outlook. I was so impressed that I got a picture of him that wasn't in his Stargate costume.



Lots of photos loaded from Stargate panel. Graphic intensive.



Excellent con save for one or two minor things. Great Stargate panels. The track organizer was fantastic and really made the panels run smoothly and painlessly for the guests. Of course the actors were all very funny and very gracious. Claudia Black is incredibly beautiful, even 8 months pregnant not to mention she's warm and funny and very down to earth and excited to meet fans. I got to see Chris Judge and Jason Momoa from about ten feet away, they were out smoking at the service entrance to the Hyatt right before the panel and </v:imagedata></v:shape></a>spiral24 and I were at the end of the line. I didn't recognize Chris Judge with long hair and a big smile. (I thought he was one of the security guys - a really, really, really, hot security guy.) I was busy pointing past him at the back of Michael Shanks's head way far down the service corridor. Embarrassing. I really wanted the earth to swallow me up. :/ Jason Momoa is also very attractive in person, though surprisingly slender for as tall as he is.</span>



Here are a few pics of Michael Shanks, Lexa Doig, Christopher Judge, and Claudia Black from the Stargate Panels at Dragon con. Chris's hair is longer - but partly that's extensions.  Claudia is 8 months preggers and being driven crazy by a home remodeling project.  She said she's afraid she'll have the baby in aisle 14 of Home Depot. :)  Lexa and Michael looked very good and very cute together.  They had matching temporary tattoos of a dragon.  Michael's was black, and Lexa's was multicolour.  I got a good pic of Michael imitating Chris' deep frown and a bit of tongue action. :D



During a Stargate panel with a bunch of people, including Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks. Chris has just finished implying stories about LSD and hookers and somebody asks them how they're liking the Con. So inevitably, Michael starts talking about... furries. Yeah, of course. So, Chris wants to know what a furry is. He really wants to know, and Michael does not want to tell him. So, Michael goes on about how awesome Dragon*Con is, and Michael's wife, Lexa Doig, leans over and whispers something to Chris, at which point he yells out "WHAT?!" loudly into the microphone. Pause. "WHAT?!" This goes on about five more times. Michael says "Ladies and gentlemen, you have managed to offend Christopher Judge." To which Chris replies "Why didn't anyone tell me about this before?"



Least Positive Experiences
The elevators. Dear God, the elevators.
Towels that left lint.
Beds that hurt backs.
Water pressure that could barely be called pressure.
More chubby girl cleavage than is good for anyone to see.
The impossible lines for the Stargate and Battlestar events.
The fire marshal threatening to shut the con down.



The Stargate group this year was enormous. The guys in the parade said they counted up everyone as they were lined up and we out numbered both the Star Trek group and the Star Wars group. Where were the legions of Storm Troopers? Apparently they were all wearing SGC uniforms.



some highlights....
~ stargate mega panel, with panelists walking in hung over and holding beer
~ christopher judge learns about furries during the stargate mega panel from lexa doig.... despite michael shanks' protests (omg priceless)
good times
but back to reality x_X



Chrsitopher Judge poses with Butch, Kathryn and myself. Chris plays Teal'C in the now defunct series Stargate SG-1. Chris did admit to having finished filming episodes of Startgate Atlantis to air soon in the new Atlantis season.



The last day! We packed, and on the elevator down two dudes from Stargate ride with us. One says "Good dirty morning to you!" and the pirate who was also in the elevator said "Good dirty morning to you as well!" They all looked a bit hung over.



Which translates to Dragon Con Rules, LJ people are made of awesome, 300 boys are pretty, My little Pony Porn will take over the world, the boys of Stargate are way, way prettier in person, Alexis' (Skaara) brain needs to be worshiped, and oh my gawd - Claudia Black needs no words just statues to her awesomeness everywhere.




Wow, the ultimate panel shot – everybody!! (left to right – Lou Gossett Jr, Alexix Cruz, Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa, Christopher Judge, Pierre Bernard, Vanessa Angel, Corin Nemec)



Michael Shanks and fan



Alexis Cruz, Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks



Paul McGillion poses with two lucky fans



Paul McGillion at signing table



Paul McGillion on cellphone, next to Corin Nemec’s autograph rates’ sign



Christopher Judge, fan, Aaron Douglas (BSG)



Lexa Doig and Michael Shanks



Michael Shanks Online has updated (9/4) with new photos of Michael Shanks



This account has a number of shots of fans dressed up in Stargate uniforms in the parade



Serpent guard just hanging around






Lots of photos from the con of Michael Shanks, Paul McGillion, etc.



Same – lots of photos



That’s it for now!

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