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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #6: Fan reports, photos and videos!


As usual, these are just excerpts from a whole new batch of fan reports!


Go to the actual URL on most of them as some contain photos and more chatter on the Stargate panels at Dragon Con. This time, video links, too!




I also saw the hot dreaded guy from Stargate: Atlantis, though I don't much watch the show.



I didn't go to any panels on Saturday or Sunday but I really wanted to catch at least one of the big Stargate panels, and there was one at ten yesterday morning. I'm glad I went. It was a lot of fun, even if I didn't learn anything terribly new or important about either show. The panel consisted of Vanessa Angel (I think she played a Tokra at some point), Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Lexa Doig, Alexis Cruz and Jason Momoa.

The most obnoxious question asked was by some woman who wanted to know, if the actors had to choose, would they rather be rich, bloated, conceited movie stars like Charleton Heston, or responsible, well-behaved tv stars like Richard Dean Anderson.
Michael Shanks: "Why do I feel like we're being led down a path, here?" Considering that Chris had already spent a good bit of time rhapsodizing about acid tripping and sex during the filming of the pilot, he simply asked which paid more.
The question that led to the most interesting answer was one man's comment about Dragon*con being about creative expression, and Michael Shanks agreed, but asked that this expression stop short of furries. Chris couldn't understand why, and there was much squirming as Michael tried to get Chris to drop it until later, mention that there were children in the audience. Chris totally didn't understand what that had to do with anything and finally Lexa whispered in his ear for a minute. His reaction was perfect. "What?! What!!!?! And I haven't done this?" Lexa: "Haven't you ever seen CSI?" It really was pretty hilarious.



Also, Michael Shanks was delightful - those of you who know of my dislike for him and late-series Daniel will be smugly surprised to know that I enjoyed his contributions to the panels a lot. He was self-deprecating and charming, made fun of MegaSnake without being prompted, and was particularly nice to a handicapped person who asked a question. I attribute a fair amount of that to Lexa Doig, who was funny and adorable - they are very sweet together in a happily married for a while sort of way. He also has terrific chemistry off screen with Claudia Black, who, even at a million months pregnant, is just stunning. She's so funny, and you could tell by watching them together that they get on really well.
Other highlights:
- talked to Corin Nemec, John deLancie, Tom Braidwood, Gil Gerard (who grinned at me and told me that DragonCon was a kick in the ass), Claudia Black, and Paul McGillion
I'll post more if I think of it, and I'll throw up some photos as well.



The hotness of Michael Shanks and the hilariousness of Chris Judge is apparently enough to make someone who doesn't watch Stargate want to start. Also, Paul McGillion pulls the chickies in with his adorableness. And he is still uncomfortable. Michael and Lexa are adorable. I would go gay for Claudia Black.



Filming in the Arctic - Why did Christopher Judge not appear in the scenes recently filmed in the Arctic? Two words: polar bears. He said he pretty much stopped listening after that, but had his decision cemented by the various bathroom issues one encounters there. He stayed home and played golf.

The Return of Beckett - Paul McGillion again expressed his appreciation for the fans' push to bring Carson Beckett back to life. He again teases that the way they bring him back is "very interesting." (Must be the stock publicity answer for this one.) And he has yet to see if he's coming back in Season 5.

Rage of Angels - Christopher Judge's in-development series will also have a comic book and game associated with it.

More Lifetime Movies! - Both Lexa and Paul have completed movies for Lifetime. Both movies are planned for October air dates.



At first it looked like none of the Stargate actors were there, but Alexis Cruz, Corin Nemec, and Paul McGillion were, and there weren't a lot of other people around, so Kevin and I were able to talk to each of them briefly. I also got a picture with Paul McGillion. [PHOTO]
He was very nice and I got the picture for free, which surprised me and also made me feel a little bad because I didn't buy an autograph. I'm not a big autograph person; I would rather just have the photo. But I was expecting him to charge for the picture and he didn't, and later I almost went back and got an autograph from him anyway, but by the time we got back over on Saturday the lines were insanely long (more about that later).



But I had a great time in Atlanta – I just got back to Miami last night. I got my picture taken with Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG-1), and I got to shake hands with Paul McGillion, Corin Nemec, Alexis Cruz (Carson Beckett, Jonas Quinn, and Skaara from Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate the movie...


On a good note, I am happy I got just about all the autographs I wanted. Unfortunately, Shanks and Judge were a bit more expensive than I'd planned but it was still amazing cool to meet them. Shanks is as good looking in person as he is on tv. But Judge was adorable. He has the most amazing smile and was really nice. I also got to spend a few minutes talking to Paul McGillion of SG:A. Which was a nice addition to my plans. I also got an autograph from and picture with John DeLancie who was very nice if tired and bored. Although part of that may have been the folks before us who had the audacity to wait in line only to ask John when the rest of the ST folks will be signing...and didn't buy anything from John!!!! I couldn't believe it when James told me.



But we got awesome seats for the Stargate mega-mega panel, which thrilled us to death. There's not much I remember specifically except the first awful question about killing Sam Carter, but we recovered pretty nicely and didn't have too many hiccups the rest of the time. I thought that everyone still seemed pretty energetic, and I was still horribly entranced by The Power of Claudia (though she wasn't there for that panel). One of the things that struck me was how much I loved watching Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig interact--they are so awfully cute when they insult each other!



Speaking of Monday, I actually sat in on three panels that day. First a Stargate cast panel with several of them hungover and sipping on beers. Michael Shanks revealed that he’d just learned the night before what furries are. Christopher Judge didn’t know and kept asking for an explanation, but no one wanted to tell him with kids in attendance. Finally one brave member of the cast whispered it to him. His reaction, several repeated shouts of “What?!” along with questioning the validity of the explanation, was priceless.
As a brief aside, I’m not much of a Stargate fan, so it wasn’t wanting to hear from that cast in particular that drew me into the room. Partially, I just wanted somewhere to sit. Primarily though I bore witness to Judge’s shock upon learning of a disturbing subculture because I find the best panels to be those made up of actors. So over the past few years nearly every panel I’ve actually made it to have been of that sort.



Anyway, wandered around the Walk of Fame snapping pictures of people in their costumes, then I decided that I was going to head over and see if I could get into the first Stargate Mega panel. Got right in, no problem (the only one without a wait!) and found whiski_sour.
The panel was fantastic, with Alexis Cruz, Corin Nemec, Paul McGillion and John De Lancie. There was much laughing and the guy sitting on my left got tickled everytime Chesh cackled.
Afterwards, she and I went back to the Walk of Fame where we both got Paul McGillion's autograph.



monday still brought some events after we checked out of the hotel. we caught a stargate mega panel, which turned out to be so amazing that even a guy like me who hasn't seen much stargate loved it. it was at 10am, and most of the panelists (michael shanks, christopher judge, lexa doig, alexis cruz, jason momoa, vanessa angel) came in clearly hung over and rather out of it (several were holding beers). it was still a hoot tho, and the best part came when the topic of furries came up somehow. it went a little something like this......


Part 2 - Then it was upstairs to the first SG megapanel! And we ran into Paula and Beth! Beth gifted me with a lovely Will Turner folder. (oooh, the pretty!) There's no way I can recall all that was said during the four SG megapanels that took place over the weekend, but I will point out any highlights that stick out in my mind. This first one included Alexis Cruz, Corin Nemic, Paul McGillion, and John DeLancie. Since they didn't clear the room from the previous panel (the BSG one), which we had snuck in for the last bit of, we were able to work our way up during the transition and actually sat in the middle on the fourth row! Great seats, but I quickly learned that due to the lighting in the room and the way the zoom works on my camera (when you zoom in it is more difficult to get a picture in good focus), I was never going to get any good pictures during the panels, even from a close vantage point. At least I knew my friends were taking pics and I could share from them.



Part 3 - The highlight of the evening, however, was the Mr. Star Wars contest. …. At one point we did spot Rogue and Caitlin, coming up the escalators, in their costumes from the SW Dreamgirls routine. I am sorry that we didn't get to see you two in more of your costumes throughout the weekend, but I know the compliments were abounding from those who did. And besides, when Caitlin told me Paul McGillion had paused in his path to comment that he liked her dress (the Kaylee one), I couldn't have been more proud for my dear friends.



Grant Imahara and Kari Byron - they are shorter and taller than they look on tv and are super nice. </v:imagedata></v:shape></a>marrus almost got in a fight with Christopher Judge, but I will let her tell that story if she chooses.



Once they let us in we discovered that we had decent seats and it wasn't long before they brought the guests out...let me see if I can remember the order...first was Corin Nemic, Vanessa Angel, then the guy from conan, after him was Christopher Judge and much much screaming occured, CJ was followed by I believe Jason and I've drawn a blank but he plays Ronan on Atlantis, then was Paul Mcgillin who was followed by Michael Shanks and another round of ear piercing screams. He was followed by Alexis Cruz and finally Lexa Doig who promptly made Alexis change seats with her so she could sit next to her hubby. The mod started the Q&A with a question about what they each had for breakfast and Michael quickly played to the slashers by answering "Coffee...black, just like I like my men."
Yawning here...more to follow tomorrow.



Specific moments: Zat gun imitations. Chris Judge learning about furries. Lexa Doig showing her fan-cred (it seems she watches a lot more stuff than the others). Jason Momoa trying to fall asleep and being annoyed at having to think that early in the morning.

I met Julie, we went to the airport, and parted ways at my ticket area. I got an earlier flight (totally worth the extra money, in my opinion), and wandered through security (which was a breeze), and down into the connecting walkway/place with the airport train thing. I was going to walk (there's a point to this story, I swear), but realized that I was being insane, and that I should just take the damn train that was Right There anyway, and so I hopped onto the car closest to me. I'm going to call Julie, to see if she can meet up or something, and I pull open my phone, turn, and Right Across From Me is...Jason Momoa.
He, ladies (and possibly gentlemen), is so. freaking. hot. He's even hotter up close. And he was, indeed, wearing his glasses.



General Impressions
Chris Judge is a nutcase and most likely an alcoholic, but such a funny guy!
- Michael Shanks is a lot bigger than I thought he was.  And he was so cute with Lexa; alternately being loving and picking on her.
- Jason Mamoa is pretty dang handsome, but is (just as described) a cross between Chewbacca and Marmaduke.
- Paul McGillion is still totally my crush, still has mesmerizing eyes and is a genuinely nice guy.
- Corin Nemec is way, way skinnier than I thought he'd be.  Turns out he put on weight for Jonas so he wouldn't look so dinky standing next to Chris and Rick.
- Vanessa Angel (aka Tokr'a Spice) is a really nice lady who won me and Michelle over
- Alexis Cruz is entirely too philosophical about acting and misses panels because he's addicted to gaming
The Paul McGillion Kissing Booth
I wanted to share the story about how Paul ended up selling kisses for charity.  He did a stand-alone panel in the track room on the last day.  They had gotten a bunch of items signed and wanted to auction it off for the con's charity, so Paul agreed to do so towards the end of his panel.
As he's auctioning off the first item (an ADB poster, signed by the whole cast), he's at around $40 when someone yells out, "I'll give you $400 if you throw in a kiss."  He thinks about it and says, "Sure."  That's when the bidding went nuts!
He sold four items and raised $2,400!!  And, man, did he plant kisses on them.  Did it very "movie star."  There was one lady, though, who grabbed him back and kept trying to kiss him and wouldn't let go.  Most people laughed, but I was a bit horrified.  That went a little too far and Paul looked a bit stunned.
The best part was this young lady a couple rows in front who only had $350 to spend.  People started feeling bad for her and started to say, "I'll give you $40," etc.  She got up to around $650 and just didn't feel right doing it.  So this older lady won the bid for close to $1,000. She goes up front and says, "I'm married.  I'll take the book and you can give her the kiss."  So she got to kiss him.
 Happy news for us Paulie fans, he's going to be starring in a Lifetime movie in October.  Woo hoo!



Next was the Stargate panel of DOOM, in which ponies were mentioned, actors acted stranger than normal, and hardly any fans asked questions. Long story short, this panel sucked. It was, without a doubt, the only one I would rather have not gone to at all, and the only one I didn't enjoy in some manner. I think it was frustrating for everyone involved. I refuse to dwell on it any more.



Good grief, there’s an online newsletter for this con – interesting to read.



Paul McGillion at table



+ more assorted photos of SG1/SGA cast at “walk of fame”  (signings)



Christopher Judge and fan



Jason Momoa and fan



Shot of half the folks at the Stargate mega panel



Lexa Doig whispering into Michael Shanks’ ear



Whole group of photos from the con






17 seconds of Paul McGillion



1.19 minutes - Make out With Dr. Carson Beckett Dragon Con 2007



30 seconds of Corin Nemec saying hi to some fans



A video of just how long the line was for the Dragon Con masquerade!

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