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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #8: Lots more links, reports, photos and VIDEOS!

Another good evening of Dragon Con 2007 link-hunting! J Lots of excerpts in the reports and many LJ entries this time were pretty big, so visit the original link for each for more detail. More photos and yes, videos, including the infamous ‘furry’ discussion (as a note, don’t rely on the CSI episode for a factual presentation on the furries, no more than Saturday Night Live did an accurate portrayal of Star Trek fans) ;)


We skipped the first set of panels in favor of lunch and wandered into the first Stargate panel. Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn), Alexis Cruz (Skaara), John de Lancie (Q) and Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett) started things off. I neglected to consider taking any notes during or after the panels, but highlights I remember include:

* Alexis Cruz was fascinating. I'm a bit in love with his brain – articulate and thoughtful and interesting. Also, a total geek (he's into RPGs). He talked about playing Skaara as your generic innocent young hero type and modeling Klorel a bit after Apophis (father's influence) but also after 14th-15th century self-obsessed French princes.

* Corn Nemec is SKINNY. He mentioned that after his first appearance, he realized he needed to gain weight to not look like a toothpick next to Chris Judge. So he spent all summer lifting weights and drinking protein shakes to put on 25 pounds for the role. I have to say, I like him better at Jonas-weight.

* Paul McGillion was very grateful Carson was back and had wonderful things to say about being back on set briefly and, I thought, dropped hints that Carson might be back longer-term.

* When asked about something they want fans to know about their characters, Corin commented he doesn’t like bananas that much and said one fan had given him 10 pounds of candy bananas and he didn't know what to do with them. Paul, after being surprised, chimed in the comment that he as 500 baby turtles.

* John de Lancie is A-mazing. A woman came to the microphone and said her father graduated from Kent State University the same year John de Lancie did, but everytime she asks her father about the Kent State massacre he turns the radio up, so would John tell her. And he did. He'd been maybe 30-50 feet away from the hill when it happened and he and one of his friends were later flown to Washington to testify. They talked to the investigators and were then brought to the White House and put in a room with an advisor who was maybe 2 years older than them. He mentioned being pretty cranky about this and demanding to talk to someone more important, so the guy left. They looked at each other, and left the office to start wandering the White House and ended up in the office of someone much more important. He said afterwards, he was pleasantly surprised by how accurate the FBI report turned out to be.



Getting Paul McGillion's autograph
Sorry it is so blurry. Due to nervousness, I wasn't in the best state for taking photos.

Jaffa Kree!
At the Apophis Birthday Party you could get an Apophis Jaffa stamp!

posing with Corni Nemic (Jonas Quinn of SG-1)
Very smart and talented man.

Definite highlight of the con
Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson of SG-1) is adorable, charming, playful, and has the most gorgeous smile and twinkling blue eyes

  More photos at link





kept going over to talk to Paul McGillion cause he was alone alot and I loved his character. So he got used to me, . Would come around the table to talk. His friend was hilarious too.
So, the story behind the picture [BIG picture of Paul]
SGK wants a picture of Jason Momoa. So, I am aiming at Momoa and glanced at Paul and saw him looking at me. I could not resist so I aimed the camera at him and he posed. SGK realizes what I did, 'Did you just take a picture of Paul and not Momoa?' I told her I could not resist and Paul heard and laughed



We went to the ConSluts party and found Aaron Douglas and Paul McGillion from Stargate: Atlantis there. We apparently were supposed to pick them up for another party but only Paul came with us.



Speaking of Monday, I actually sat in on three panels that day. First a Stargate cast panel with several of them hungover and sipping on beers. Michael Shanks revealed that he’d just learned the night before what furries are. Christopher Judge didn’t know and kept asking for an explanation, but no one wanted to tell him with kids in attendance. Finally one brave member of the cast whispered it to him. His reaction, several repeated shouts of “What?!” along with questioning the validity of the explanation, was priceless.
As a brief aside, I’m not much of a Stargate fan, so it wasn’t wanting to hear from that cast in particular that drew me into the room. Partially, I just wanted somewhere to sit. Primarily though I bore witness to Judge’s shock upon learning of a disturbing subculture because I find the best panels to be those made up of actors. So over the past few years nearly every panel I’ve actually made it to have been of that sort.



Friday night: Elven dancing at An Evening in Bree. I grind with a hottie that's mesmerized by my dancing even with my cane. Then off come the many layers of embroidered silk in favor of nothing but a thong and bustier for the invite-only Premiere Party for ConSluts.com. I win 3rd place in the Erotic Food-eating contest sponsored by Wicked Pictures and Adam&Eve, judged by -- no shit -- the doctor from Stargate Atlantis, "Chief" from Battlestar Galactica, and even more celebs! The prize is an entire bag of sex toys and t-shirts that I'm gonna have lots of fun with...



This is from a friend of mine that posted this on an SG fandom forum.
I just returned from Dragoncon and it looked as if everyone had a great time. We had the annual parade and us Stargate Folks was well represented! We not only had our SG teams out there marching but our alien buddies showed up too. We had Tok'ra, Nox, Jaffa, and even Anubis came and marched.
Not everyone was pleased with this apparently. CNN ran a story on Dragoncon and showed the parade. At the end of the story their anchor, Catherine Calloway, made the comment, "what a bunch of loosers."
I don't know about everybody else but I'm kind of sick of being portrayed this way in the media. If you are as insulted as I, then I ask you to please email CNN and let them know. I also ask you to let everyone that you know, hear about this. The URL for CNN is
It's time we let them know that they've stepped over the line.



Then a Stargate panel that included John DeLancie, Corin Nemec, Paul McGillion (thank yew!) and, er, others. Unfortunately, all the film and shots I took on Friday turned out really crappy. Either very dark or blurry. I'm not sure why.

[link has bunch of photos, plus promise of videos!]



Because I have a lousy memory, I’ll just give you the highlights of what my poor brain retained of her panel, in no particular order:
Claudia is 8 months pregnant.
•She said she was VERY lucky to have worked with Ben and Michael and that she could never choose between them, because they are the same, they have the same hard work ethic and are wonderful actors.
•She went on at length about how Michael is a great lead actor
•She told the story of how she first met Michael, where she said ‘hi’ and he walked right on by her and she thought to herself, ‘oh no, he’s one of *those*.’ And then later, when they were introduced he was very nice to her and she had to rethink that opinion of him, especially after she asked him how she could serve his character and left him speechless :) Basically what had happened was that Michael was so focused, walking to where he was going that he hadn’t even noticed her when she said hi.
Some good quotes here from her panel: http://www.dragoncon.net/dailydragon/2007/16.htm

[lots more on this LJ]



Highlights (what I remember) from the panel, in no particular order:
Chris – Chris is *bigger* than life. Such a funny guy, even though he loves to talk about poop and farts. He’s sooo funny and seemed to have bonded with Jason :)
Michael – Teen Beat question – what did you have for breakfast, or somesuch. He answered ‘I like my coffee hot and black, just like my men’. And he gives Judge a sidelong grin. LOL! Judge then gets up from his chair and acts as if he’s going to walk over, but then sits down. I’m sure if they’d been sitting next to each other, God only knows what would have happened :) Michael shared the story (thanks to promts from Chris) about his recommending that CJ stop doing that *face* he used to do way back in the early days of the show. He said, ‘what the hell are you doing! I mean, come on! You’re a handsome man! You’re making your lower lip look 4 foot long!’ and then he proceeded to make an adorable impression of the face! :)
Jason – he drank a lot from this mug, he kept pouring his beer into. Not sure what was in it though. He talked about his tattoo, he got it without permission and it’s a family thing. Apparently it’s the symbol of ‘shark’ which is his family’s animal. And also, I think the tat goes down the back of his leg somehow too. He got it with his dad and the producers had him cover it up for the first few episodes.
Corin – he got some good applause from the crowd when he was introduced. He gave Chris some baby powder labeled Jaffa powder as a joke.
•I forget if it was this panel or the next day panel, but apparently CJ went to a strip club with Jason & Paul. Michael was all giddy about the whole idea, cuz he got to go AND he brought his wife along!
•There were some more teen Beat questions from the moderator – um…honestly, I think it would have been better to just open up to questions from the crowd.
•These guys, they were like ‘oooh, free BEER! Must drink!’ I don’t think it was anything different though than what we’ve seen before at different cons.
[lots more on this LJ]



9. I just spent a weekend at Dragon*Con. With Stargate actors! Who are all amazing and wonderful. And you know, Michael Shanks? He said that he's never saying goodbye to Stargate, and he's not the only one. He pointed to "Unending" and said, "To me, that character will always be out there doing that." And that's it exactly.



from a guest assistant at the con – big post]

Said hello to Paul, got autograph "To Sweet Wiccy" (because I look so innocent)
 Completely lost track of anything and everything that feel with this time period before heading back the walk of frame to pick-up Paul for the 2:30 Panel. Pretty sure it was spent in the track room and I think might have involved heading out with Jason to get food for he and Desi.



 The Stargate Mega panel on Saturday was funny as all get out. It was a bunch of people not taking themselves too seriously and having such a good time it was contagious.



Best and Worst of con (with photos)

Friendliest celebrities - Lani John Tupu (Farscape), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica ), Barbara Luna (Star Trek, Buck Rogers ), Paul McGillion (Stargate: Atlantis), Richard Hatch (original Battlestar Galactica), Fat Momma, Major Victory, and Feedback (Who Wants To Be a Superhero?) In all fairness, nearly ALL of the celebrities were fantastically nice and friendly; these are just our picks for the nicest!!



thread at this board discussing the con





Whole bunch of shots from panel



The line for the panel. Aieee!






Corin Nemec, Paul McGillion



Corin Nemec, Paul McGillion, John Delancie



Corin Nemec






The "furries" discussion between Chris Judge, Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig (and some audience members) at the Stargate panel at DragonCon 2007, now on video. 2.06 minutes.



Another video of Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig telling Chris Judge about furries



Friday Stargate panel with John Delancie and Paul McGillion (3.00 minutes)

It’s very dark (visually) When asked who he’d like to work with, Paul said he’d like to work with directors Clint Eastwood, JJ Abrams; actors – Tim Roth, John DeTuro, Sally Fields. You can also see someone in front of the panel doing sign language!



The following are clips from the con, which are centered mostly on the SG1 actors. You can see some cuts.


Stargate mega panel part 1 (6.49 minutes)

Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, Claudia Black, Vanessa Angel all talk about when they got their parts (her nickname was ‘8 of 10’ but has heard about Tok’ra Spice), Alexis Cruz says he was 18 or so when he heard about Stargate (which came in the nick of time). His agent said he was too good for it and he said I need the work! His agent told him it was low budget but he found out to the contrary once he signed up.



Stargate mega panel part 2 (9.53 minutes)

Actors were asked about episodes they remembered. Chris cited “Prometheus Unbound” and he walked into the rehearsal of Vala beating up Daniel and wondered why he wasn’t in the scene. Then he mentioned “Sateda” from SGA. Corin Nemec mentioned “Nightwalkers” as well as episodes he did with Michael Shanks. Corin talked about other movies he’s done. He’s been writing and producing over the past few years, plus producing (he’s been in the business 24 years). Michael Shanks talks about eating before doing a scene. Jell-O is great cuz it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. If you don’t want to be spoiled on A DOG’S BREAKFAST, don’t listen at the 8:09-8:47 mark as some stupid fan gives away a key spoiler. Jason’s only comment was that he wasn’t drunk enough to do a Johnny Depp impression. Jason seems to like Michelob if I recognize the green bottle.



Stargate mega panel part 3 (9.12 minutes)

Question about Jason Momoa’s tattoos. After last season, he went to Hawaii and got the tattoo on his left wrist. All his family has it. It’s the aumakua — a guardian spirit – it also goes down his leg. There’s a family history related to the shark. He said he did without permission (studio) but it was very important to him and his family.  Claudia’s been given the chance to end the panel (as she won’t be at the next day’s panel). She’s grateful people accepted Vala and “such a ball playing her.”  They  did a segment of what the actors did way before – Chris in MacGyver, Corin in Parker Lewis,  Michael  (“there’s not a German film, per chance, is there?”) Apparently it was a video clip being shown later that night.  Chris and Michael talked about working together on SG1



Paul McGillion does impressions of his coworkers (2.22 minutes)

Impersonates Jason Momoa (and says he does a great Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean) and is very shy on stage. Then he did Joe Flanigan. Then David Hewlett. Rachel Luttrell, then Torri Higginson (puffing on cigarette).


That's it for this batch!

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