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Stargate Atlantis season 3 DVD video snippets + SciFi.com commercials online

Decided to check out Yahoo TV to see if they had anything new.


now has several video clips from the season 3 Stargate Atlantis DVD set and one from season 2

  1. “First Strike” – clip from near end of episode (1.30 min)
  2. Standoff – clip from capture scene in “Irresponsible” (2.03 min)
  3. Inside Stargate – behind the scenes with the visual effects guys (1.50 min)
  4. “Echoes” – clip from end of episode (1.38 min)
  5. Near miss – clip from beginning of “Sunday” (1.35 min)
  6. Comic Con season 4 trailer (2.15 min)
  7. Season 2 behind the scenes – watch them set up the Elia attacks Sheppard scene from “Instinct” (1.49 min) 

Also, at http://www.scifi.com/pulse/, SciFi.com has the following SGA offerings


Under Online Exclusives column

  Comic-Con 2007 SGA panel


Under Coming to the SciFi column

  Season 4 ad – Amanda Tapping coming to the show (seen on SciFi channel already). If you click on that, it will bring you to that ad, and highlight the second ad as well


Or straight to either



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