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Correction: Torri Higginson not on CSI: NY, but NCIS

A while ago I reposted info about Torri Higginson doing a guest shot role on CSI: NY, which would have been great. However, today a fan posted at SG1_Spoilme with a correction. 

Torri is actually appearing on CBS' military forensics show, NCIS, and 'there is a good chance that she will have a recurring role on the show.' This clarification come from one of the directors of Torri's current project, Smile of April. The ironic thing is that Jessica Steen, who originally played Dr. Weir in Stargate Atlantis, had a recurring role as Special Agent Paula Cassidy in six episodes of NCIS between 2003-2007. 

And, the movie Smile of April has several Stargate SG-1 alumni: Alex Zahara (in 3 episodes of SG1), Anne Marie Loder (2 episodes SG1), Ryan Robbins (Ladon in SGA), and Dan Payne (Supersoldier). 
Tags: jessica steen, stargate atlantis, torri higginson
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