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Stargate Atlantis: Torri Higginson guest at UFC (Nov 2-4, 2007)

Just got an email from the folks at United Fan Con (UFC), an annual scifi event held in Springfield, MA. This weekend it will be over November 2-4, 2007.

Anyway, got an email which announced this (snipping out non-SGA stuff)

United Fan Con is pleased to announce 2 additional guests for our upcoming November (2nd-4th) show!!

Joining us:

Featured Guest
Stargate Atlantis' Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Torri Higgins

To purchase tickets please to go our website:  http://www.unitedfancon.com


I went to this con last year as David Nykl was there. It was great to see him, but I almost didn't see him because the con instituted what many of us stuck in line thought was a completely anal idea that those people who bought tickets at the door could NOT get in to see the first panel. Of course, David was the first panel! I managed to get in courtesy of two very nice fans at the top of the line who let me join them. They said after this, they probably wouldn't do the con anymore as it wasn't worth the grief. (By the way, it was great meeting David Nykl, and only took me over 3 months to get my photo op photo from the con, so I won't be doing a photo op again, that's for sure).

Anyway, it's not a good sign when the con doesn't spell the name of one of their featured guests correctly. There's nothing on their site about Torri yet, but hopefully she won't be talking on the same day that Paul McGillion is talking down at the NJ Creation Con. I could conceivably do both cons (but what a hell of a lot of driving!) if the actors are on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. UFC does, however, have a  much better dealer's room than Creation, which is limited to half a dozen tables mostly manned by Creation staff selling photos.

So, is anybody doing either of these cons?  



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