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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #9: Reports, links, video + David Helwett at Vancouver Film School

As usual, excerpts from various blogs/LJs talking about the Stargate Atlantis (and SG-1) folk who appeared at Dragon Con last weekend. Also have added in links to David Hewlett’s appearance at the Vancouver Film School this weekend.


I think (memory is fading! GAH!) we went from there to the first Stargate Panel of the weekend, with Paul McGillion, (Dr. Carson Becket - Atlantis) Alexis Cruz, (Skaara - The Movie & SG1) Corin Nemic, (Jonas Quinn SG1) and John de Lancie (Frank Simmons - SG1). These guys are funny! Especially Paul and John! We were very happy to find out that Dr. Becket will be returning to Atlantis, despite his rather untimely death last season! Yay! He couldn't tell us how of course, but still, its SciFi, nobody stays dead for long. Right Daniel Jackson? ;-)

{note: there is a photo of a VERY interesting Wizard of Oz costume on this blog that just has to be seen!}




Okay, so then we met Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett from Stargate Atlantis, among other things). We didn't meet him two years ago because we hadn't seen Atlantis yet, but he was just the sweetest man

He told us to call him Paulie because that's what his friends call him, and he teased us about our shirts (because, instead of going in costume [sorry Suz] we wore geeky t-shirts that we made).
First, we met Claudia Black, who is hilarious, but also very pregnant, which is why I think she wasn't doing pictures. She was still nice.
Then we met Michael Shanks!!! Daniel Jackson for lay people. He was extremely nice, chatting with us for a minute and talking a picture with us (which, incedentally, came out really badly

Then we met Jason Momoa, who is just as hot in person as on tv (as Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis).



No, seriously, I have practically given myself a hernia watching this clip from one of the panels at DragonCon. It features some of the actors from SG-1, mainly Michael Shanks (Daniel), Christopher Judge (Teal'c), and Lexa Doig (Dr. Lam). You can also see Jason Momoa (Ronon) laughing over at the left side of the video {and looking smoking hot in his glasses}.


Paul McGillion's panel itself was wonderful. I know everyone who is further into Stargate:Atlantis then I am right now, always says he's very sweet, which he is. He's also good-natured and very pleasant.
And funny.
Someone asked him to do impressions of his castmates from Atlantis of what they're like in the morning and he obliged. There's a video up at YouTube if you're curious.
He also spoke about his parents, telling the story about how he told them he had gotten a role on Stargate and how they kept saying 'Star Trek.'
Paul McGillion also agreed to help auction off some autographed items after his panel ended.
It was...interesting.
And that is all I will say about that.


Next was the first Stargate panel with Alexis Cruz, Corin Nemec, Paul McGillion, and John de Lancie. I was most impressed with de Lancie, as he told stories about being at Kent State during the shootings and how he was an awful student until he read one of the sci-fi classics (The Time Machine? -- can't remember) which hooked him on reading(great story for librarians). 



Fans beat up on Jason Momoa!



Fan with Michael Shanks



Fan and Alexis Cruz



Dalek confronts SG team member ;)



A green fan (no kidding) and Corin Nemec



http://www.flickr.com/photos/missroon/sets/72157601807880728/ ‘s pool has over two dozen shots – go to link to find thumbnails, which are marked if you run cursor over them





Since everybody is like “what is a furry?” from that Chris Judge snippet from the panel video, well, check out this video taken at Dragon Con 2006 of some furries running around the con. Whoa, they must have sweltered in costumes like that in Atlanta in the summer! ;)









Tripped over these while searching for Dragon Con links, I found links to the recent ADB screening (cited at dgeek.com as “The Vancouver Film School has put together a screening of "A Dog's Breakfast", with a bit of a film-nerd chat about making movies, on Saturday September 8th at 4pm. Not sure if you have to be a student or not, but I'm sure you'll figure it out”)



… VFS hosted a private screening of David Hewlett's movie A Dog's Breakfast. There was a QA session after the movie where we got to chat with David, his sister Kate, and the two producers Jane Loughman and John Lenic.

... they did a Q & A session afterwards. hilarity ensued as Kate and David bickered and joked and said "F**K" a couple times to make each other laugh, much to the audience's amusement (they were talking about the different kinds of humour, and why they went with what they chose to do in the film). they talked alot about the film production aspect of the movie, much to my delight. the Q & A went on longer than the movie (rofl) and then they did a little pic and autograph session. [Photos too!]


Went to my second A Dog's Breakfast screening today! It was so much fun! … Then David Hewlett came - we almost missed him, didn't see him coming up the street. Once they let us in, the real fun could begin. First, the movie itself. It was hilarious. I'd seen it once already, but it still made me laugh again, and again, and again. Then, we had a break, and then the interview. Many interesting questions, with mainly David answering. ….. I got a picture of me and David Hewlett! Squeee!!



Okay, Stargate Atlantis fans, prepare to wet yourselves. I met David Hewlett today. Okay, I didn't really MEET meet him, it's not like we had a conversation, but I do have his autograph and told him I hope to work with him someday. Being that he was at a film school he wasn't TOO surprised at this statement, and replied with the diplomatic "Okay then!" … was at VFS today was to screen his new film. …. After the film, David and Kate Hewlett, John Lenic (producer of the film and also on both Stargate series) and Jane Loughman (producer of the film and David Hewlett's fiancee) did a Q&A with us. I got a question in, but I can't tell you what it is because it has to do with the ending of the movie. Others asked about making an indie, about working with friends and family on set, and things like that. It was definitely fascinating.

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to the folks who attended the con and wrote up their thoughts, shared their photos, so that those of us who didn't attend can feel like we were almost there :)

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