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Stargate Atlantis: Multichannel article talks about Weir's status

Over at Multichannel today (Sep 10 2007),  writer Kent Gibbons laments the cast changes after watching a review copy of a season 4 Stargate Atlantis episode. While he feels there's room enough for both Carter and Weir, he doesn't understand why Weir had to get the boot (he needs to stand in a very long line that's already formed...).

One snippet from the article: "I remain a Stargate fan, and Higginson has some shining moments in the first two episodes of Atlantis’s Season Four, returning on Sept. 28. There’s still a nice photo of her on Sci Fi’s Atlantis home page. And the long-established (on SG-1 and Atlantis), often adversarial relationship between Carter and Atlantis brainiac Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) always leads to fun dialogue.

But I’m forced to agree with Wilson [About.com reviewer] on this point: “Dr. Weir, as interpreted by either actor, is a great character and it's a shame that she has to fade into the background just so that Atlantis [can] pull a Worf.”

(Translation installing a character from an earlier hit in the franchise, like the Klingon character Worf who was first in Star Trek: The Next Generation then in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.)"

Alas, I think poor Weir's gonna pull a Ford... vanish in an episode, never to be seen again. Not dead, but simply gone. Out of sight, out of mind.

It'll be interesting to see the TV critics/reviewers take on Weir being ousted and Carter being added. 

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