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Stargate Atlantis: Season 4 episode "Outcast" (SPOILERS)

 The following post contains spoilers for the season 4 episode OUTCAST, a Sheppard-centric Stargate Atlantis episode.

Okay, this time the CUT is going to work!

The following information is subject to change, etc.




Contains spoilers for an earlier season 4 episode as well.


This Sheppard-centric finds Colonel John Sheppard back on Earth – to attend his father’s funeral. It’s here that we discover he’s not an only child, but has a brother, GRAHAM. It’s also where viewers will be introduced to NANCY, Sheppard’s ex-wife (he remarks that his father thought that John marrying her one was one of the few things in his life that he did do right).


While at the bar (apparently the wake is being held in the father’s house and they’ve got a bar set up), Sheppard and Ronon are approached by a woman named AVA GRANGER. She doesn’t have time to beat around the bush, so bluntly tells them she used to work for Henry Wallace, who (earlier in season 4) abducted Rodney to work on a top secret and of course, very illegal project concerning alien technology acquired in the Pegasus Galaxy (sorta rings of the NID, doesn’t it??).


Just as Sheppard and Ronon are getting AVA out of the house, GRAHAM wants to know what’s going on. Sheppard says it’s worked related… and we find out, via GRAHAM, that the father always regretted what had happened between himself and John, up until his death.


But Sheppard’s got to unravel this new problem. AVA tells him and Ronon that she was recruited out college by DR RICHARD POOLE to work on a secret project called “Archetype” – which is all about nanites.  While the earlier nanite project by DEVLIN was shut down, it appears some major breakthroughs were made… POOLE created the last thing Earth needs – a human form replicator! Sheppard and Ronon understandably don’t take this news very well, especially after she tells them after they activated this new life form, POOLE got really ansty. The IOA was closing in on Devlin’s project and he didn’t want to go to jail, so he was about to terminate the replicator when it awoke, broke loose, and in the time-honored tradition of creatures of this sort, took off.


So, for the last few weeks, a replicator has been running loose on Earth. Let’s hope it hasn’t gotten hold of anybody’s charge cards! ;)


NOTE: Joe Mallozzi has dropped some hints on this much anticipated (by Sheppard fans) episode. Snippets from his blog are:


  • The story was proposed by Joe Flanigan and written by Allan McCullough
  • “Marty G. pitched out a special guest star for Outcast, a character we haven’t seen since his debilitating injury in season one. Won’t the fans be surprised. Well, probably not as I’m sure you’ve figured it out.”
  • O1 writes: “Can you give us a hint about outcast and whether it is going to be an action episode, a character driven episode or an angsty episode?” Answer: Hopefully, all of the above.
  • I was in the office reading Paul’s pass on Outcast (offering up a more vulnerable side of Sheppard),
  • 1) Can we expect some major Emotional Shep Whump  in Outcast? Answer: 1) There will be definitely be some emotional shep whump in Outcast.
  • At ComicCon (July 2007), Joe Mallozzi said: “In fact, actually, that’s what we were talking about on Friday. We’re spinning Sheppard’s backstory, specifically the fact that in “Letters from Pegasus,” he didn’t really seem to have anyone out there and the question is sort of ‘why?’ and it’s something we discussed on Friday and we’ve got something really cool planned which I’m not at liberty to reveal right now, but Joe [Flanigan] came up with a great springboard for a story. We’re going back to Earth.”



So, the potential is that Bates could be in this episode - that would be interesting to see; the outcast might not be Sheppard after all but the replicator on the run. We'll get some angst in that Sheppard finds out after his father dies that his father regretted whatever happened between them.
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