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Stargate Atlantis: David Hewlett's Canadian Spotlight interview now up on site

 Well, first off, David Hewlett's Canadian Spotlight radio interview is up for your listening pleasure! 

Visit http://www.myspace.com/canadianspotlight to check it out. It's short, but fun.

And second, um, hmm, well, got TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly for this week. One teensy mention in TV Guide about SGA. No photo ads, but I'm sorta scared about a full page ad after seeing the hi-rez promo photos that Skiffy did on Stargate Atlantis. Now, there's no sign (at least not yet!) that Carter is going to be dressing up in biker chick/dominatrix black leather in the actual series, so why stick her in that garb for the photos? And why on Earth shrink McKay and Ronon? Oh wait, I think I kevetched about this earlier, but anyway, so far, no sign of Skiffy promoting the show off of the SciFi channel.
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