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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #10: Fan reports, links + photos

Whoa, who would have thunk? Yes, a few more folks have stuck up their thoughts on Dragon Con, as well as photos.

As usual, under the cut.



Quick summary for you; Christopher Judge of SG-1 at Dragon*Con having to be told what a Furry is



Next was the Stargate Guest Mega Panel. I was excited about this panel because John de Lancie was there - I love Q. Paul McGillion, Corin Nemec, and Alexis Cruz were also there. The funniest part of it was that Q didn't even remember his part in Stargate. Neither do I. I watch Stargate and like it but I'm not obsessed and it's difficult to remember every guest appearance over a total of 13 seasons. Paul McGillion was on the panel so I'm including the Atlantis seasons in there because I really don't know which one Q was on. And we found out that the Save Carson campaign worked and he will be back sometime later on in the fourth season. Good thing, I love a Scottish accent.



So, where did I leave off...oh that's right, the first of the Stargate Megapanels that had MS and CJ. Very intertaining and I have to admit that Corin Nemic and Vanessa Angel are very articulate and carry themselves very well. I sooo didn't want to like them. Of course the majority of the questions were directed at either Michael or Chris, or Paul or Jason and the one of the first questions was in my opinion, in bad taste. Someone asked Paul and Jason if they would like to kill Sam Carter when she comes over to Atlantis. The audience groaned, and the actors very professionally answered the question by replying that no, under no circumstances would they like to see the character of Sam Carter killed by either them or anyone else and Paul added that since his character was already dead it really didn't matter. Michael spoke up and told him to just be patient, they'd bring him back, which of course caused the audience to erupt in screams and squeals and caused Paul to blush the most amazing shade of red.



The Marriott was where the Walk of Fame was – this was where you went to get most of the autographs, and the photo ops that were being offered. There were two types of photos – the posed photo ops, done by a professional photographer, and printed that day (if you were lucky – not everyone got theirs due to back-ups caused by popular stars like the boys who played Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter). The other option that most of the Stargate stars opted for was an extra fee, above the autograph fee, for a photograph with the star, using your camera, leaning across the table, or for those near the end, they might come around the table if there was not a long line. This was similar to what we experienced at Collectormania in Manchester, except there you only paid for the autograph, and did not have to pay extra for a picture with the star. It was quite pricey, though, as people like MS were charging $30 for an autograph, and then $20 for a picture with your own camera! At Dragon Con, we were able to take their picture while they autographed the item for no extra cost.



When they called for questions from the audience, I got in line. That was a mistake. They ask you to kneel down so you are not blocking others. I had had trouble with my knees earlier in the week, which resulted in my falling part way down the stairs at my house and injuring my arm, back and neck, so I opted to sit instead, and thus missed much of the antics on the stage, because the big screen I could see was only focused mostly on the person speaking, and the panel was a free-for-all of hilarity. And, since the moderator asked a lot of questions, partly to keep it from becoming the MS and CJ show IMHO, since most of the audience questions were for them, I never did get to ask my question – I think at this panel, only about 5 questions were from the audience. I didn’t bother to try the rest of the weekend either. Jason Momoa was smashed, and kept using profanity. The next day he seemed to be a bit more controlled, so someone must have said something, because there were kids in the audience. Chris Judge also seemed to be drunk, and he never took off his sunglasses during the panel. [bunch of photos on this link as well]



Photos: The hungover cast from Stargate.



Worst Celeb Experience: "Worst" is a stretch for this as it didn't devastate me, but I'd say it was when Alexis Cruz didn't make it to his personal panel because he overslept. I don't blame him! But I was looking forward to hearing him speak more. He's brilliant. But there's always next year. :)
Most Anticipated Celeb Experience: Paul McGillion. He gave me a big hug, clasped Alex's hand lovingly, and made my fellow fangirls blush more than once. :D
Most Anti-Climactic Celeb Experience: Jason Momoa. I didn't talk to him personally, but I think he needed to drink less on the panels.
Best Celeb Panel: It's tied between Stargate Mega Panel #1 and Claudia Black's panel.
Worst Celeb Panel: Stargate Mega Panel #3. There were problems with the mics, some people asked questions they shouldn't have, and it generally didn't seem to be organized.
Dragon*Con Souvenirs
+ Photo with Alexis Cruz
+ Pegasus Galaxy Atlantis patch
+ Stargate necklace
+ Cameron Mitchell action figure
+ Ori Prior action figure
+ Thor action figure


Worst Celeb Experience: Again, not really a worst moment, but I didn't really like the fact that Jasom seemed to be drunk all weekend. I also don't think the Celebs should be allowed to drink while they're on panels!
Best Celeb Panel: Claudia Black's Saturday panel! OMG she was so awesome! Much better on her own than she was in the Stargate Mega-Panels.
Worst Celeb Panel: It's a toss up between the HP Actors panel (because I hate the way the YA Lit track runs their panels) and the Stargate Mega-Panel on Sunday (because they were bad crazy and because there were sound/mic problems and bad questions from the audience, stupid fans).
Best Random Celeb Moment: Almost literally running into Paul McGillion on Friday and Saturday! I only wish the trend had continued on Sunday and Monday.


he Stargate Mega Panel 1, wherein we chiefly learned that John DeLancie is a hella entertaining speaker; definitely do go see him on a panel if you get the chance, even if you have no interest in what the panel is on or no idea why he is there. (The latter was true for us, because neither of us has seen much of SG-1--but even *he* said he didn't remember the role until someone reminded him!) Trust me, it won't matter. One of the things he talked about at this panel was that he was at Kent State, witnessed the National Guard shootings, and testified before Congress about it (and then went wandering about the White House with a friend and ended up in the office of somebody who was much higher up than anybody whose office they were *supposed* to be in! Apparently chatting up secretaries was involved. "And this is what acting prepares you for!") Also, we learned that Carson will be coming back. No, the first time Paul McGillion said it, I thought he was joking too, but then he said it again. So apparently you *can* recover from an exploding tumor? Or maybe it will be a flashback or time travel or an alternate universe or Ancient shenanigans--he did also indicate that there would be some what you might call hinkiness about it. (And I was like, dude, you are talking about *Stargate Atlantis* here--what exactly is going to count as strange, in this frame of reference?) So anyway, that's what I know about that



After reviewing the Highly Scientific Con Crud Hugging Poll, I have come to the following conclusions:
1. Paul McGillion is a natural healer.
2. One of Paul's Healing Hugs can be negated by hugging another actor.
3. Firefly is not a fandom for Healing Hugs.
4. Chris Judge does not have the Healing Hug gift.
5. If you get too many hugs, you get swimmer's ear.
I swear, all of that makes perfect sense if you review the poll and read the comments.





Two more actors from Stargate. Jason's handler didn't want shots taken of Jason, but I managed to get a few. In retrospect, it was a bit silly. On the last day nobody complained when we were shooting from a distance and the handler was nowhere to be seen. I would have loved to have gotten a closer shot with him, but at $20 a pop, it wasn't in the budget



Fan and Jason Momoa



Jason Momoa at autograph table



Paul McGillion at autograph table



Kari poses with Paul McGillion (wearing SCB t-shirt)



Kari with Paul McGillion at autograph table



Michael Shanks and fan



Michael Shanks and fan



Christopher Judge and fan



Claudia Black at panel



Claudia Black signing autograph



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