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Article: Stargate: Atlantis Big Fall Return, Costume Designer Valerie Halverson Suits the Cast

Monsters and Critics posted a great article on the costume designers for Stargate Atlantis, complete with photos of drawings, etc. Here are some neat snippets, which also explains the costumes our gang (Sheppard, McKay, Carter, Ronon and Teyla) are wearing in the promo shots that just came out. Here is an excerpt from the long article:

Did Valerie have a favorite SA character to dress?

“Well that is a hard question to answer, as this is my first year on Atlantis and we are all getting to know each other. Each cast member is unique of course, and I enjoy all of them for different reasons.

Joe Flanigan is so rakish, a bit of a rebel. He doesn't require much from us as he is in military uniform most of the time.

Amanda Tapping, I know from SG1 and she’s so lovely. We loved putting her in a new uniform this year that was not military. We also have given her a leather off-world look that she is stunning in.

David Hewlett, well what can I say, he is just fun to be around. We made all of the lead cast new uniforms this year, a trimmer, sleeker look. Also they all got off world gear that was unique to each of them. David's has circuit board leather on part of his leather jacket. A nod to the McKay genius,” Halverson noted.

One cast member in particular was a small challenge for Halverson and company. Lovely Rachel Luttrell’s pregnancy, normally her character Teyla dons midriff-baring outfits.

Rachel Luttrell gave us much joy. She is such a spiritual person as is her character. I found designing for the Queen of the Athosians a great opportunity to stretch my skills. As Rachel also was pregnant we had a very regular schedule of fittings. Because Rachel is such a great person I loved that we got to make her something new every week,” smiled Halverson.

Jason Momoa, what a man. Bigger than life and full of energy. He was a challenge in that you don't realize what is takes to make something work on someone who is 6"4". His character is dynamic and so his costumes needed to be as well,” added Halverson

Read the full article (with costume design sketches) at http://smallscreen.monstersandcritics.com/features/article_1356435.php

So glad to hear that Sheppard's outfit will remain basically untouched. I mean, hey, you can't mess much with perfection ;)

Meanwhile, if that biker chick-dominatrix leather outfit in the promo photo is the same one they talk about, well, should be interesting, but it also points out she's going off-world. 

Rodney should actually have iPod pockets and everything built into a vest. I've read they actually have one you can sorta 'plug and play' (vests, that is).

Photo of cast promo shot from season 4 is at 
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