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Too Much Stargate: Kate in a play, Paul and Torri at cons - simultaneously! Argh!

My brain hurts!!


Talk about a wealth of Stargate Atlantis stuff that is impossible to see. First, Paul McGillion is slated to talk on Saturday, November 3rd Creation Con in Seacacus, NJ. Torri Higginson signed on for UFC in Springfield, MA. Alas, they scheduled her to speak on the SAME day Paul is talking. For fans who could do both cons, it is now impossible to see both unless you can transport yourself between the States. Adding to the mix is the latest information on Kate Hewlett, which she just posted on her blog -  http://www.loft-in-translation.blogspot.com/




“From November 1 - November 18 of this year (still 2007) my play Humans Anonymous (a brand new version) will be produced at Theatre 54 in New York City by the Bridge Theatre Company! Cool! … None of this is official yet (sshhhhhh) but Creation Entertainment and I are planning a special performance of the play (followed by a Q&A with the cast and...uh...playwright) for Stargate fans, particularly those attending the Secaucus Con! It will be on Sunday, November 4th at 8pm, so book your tickets for that special performance online. The theatre only seats sixty so it will sell out fast! Tickets won't go on sale until Thursday or Friday of this week at theatermania.com”


While it’s possible to see the play during the rest of the time, a Q&A is a one-time thing if they do it. Gah, my brain hurts, as I want to see all three and know it’s impossible. Curses for Creation constantly putting its con on the same weekend as a previously established con.

Is anybody doing any of these events? 

UPDATE: Creation just posted the following for their New Jersey event (http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgny.htm)

Sunday, November 4
11 am to 6 pm Registration/Vendors Room/ Programing Theatre Opens featuring daytime appearances by MICHAEL SHANKS, CLIFF SIMON and KATE HEWLETT

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