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Scifi.com has updated their Stargate Atlantis page!

I'm shocked, really, cuz I expected they wouldn't do it until next week, but it's up a full week early. All the details, plus photos, etc. under the cut. GRAPHIC INTENSIVE




New images on the front page; they rotate. Just refresh to find your favorite.




Cast page is up. Carter's at the top

Carter –

Sheppard – did he just wake up?? Doesn’t he look it?










Character bios are shortened. Like really trimmed down!


New downloads

9 new desktops (old ones are gone, but they’ve kept Weir, Ford and Beckett in new ones)

10 IM icons


New gallery!

Season 4 – 30 photos

Season 3 – 72 photos

Season 2 – 52 photos

Season 1 – 52 photos

Weir – 28 photos

Sheppard – 19 photos

McKay – 14 photos

Teyla – 14 photos

Ronon – 13 photos

Beckett – 14 photos

Ford – 9 photos

Caldwell – 7 photos

The 'next' button didn't work for me, but the right-click mouse moved photos along.


Check out videos to upper right as well.


Some neat shots


Sheppard and McKay


Ronon and Teyla


Carter and McKay

Well, to me, the promo shots do sex up Carter (see shot right above). I guess that's just Skiffy's PR to attract the fanboys. However, I find it odd that Carter is the first character listed on the Cast page. Hello? Sheppard's the lead, always has been, and I sure as heck hope still is. For Carter supposedly being in a support type roll, the PR people don't seem to realize it. Yeah, Skiffy's 'shiny new toy' to push SG1 fans to watch SGA, but I wish they'd remember the fans who have watched SGA since day one. Sigh.

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