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Stargate Atlantis season 4: "Outcast" *SPOILERS*

Joe Mallozzi has given Sheppard fans a treat by posting all about the season 4 episode "Outcast," which gives us backstory on Sheppard. You can visit his blog at


It DOES contain spoilers for this episode! And I'm posting a bit below in the cut, which DOES have spoilers. You're warned.

Shepaprd's ex-wife, Nancy or whatever, is played by actress Kari Wuhrer, who many might recognize from the defunct Fox series SLIDERS.

You can view her credits at : http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0001863/

There's a whole bunch of shots of Joe Flanigan and her on location in a park filming a scene from "Outcast." Even a video (click on the September 21st date on the JM blog entry). Alas, just as Joe starts to speak his lines, it cuts out. Darn.

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