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Stargate Atlantis season 4 spoiler videos - from MGM!

 Ah, some spoiler chat on the videos up about Stargate Atlantis at www.mgm.com/stargate. They added some new ones and I see lots of folks have found them (after I posted this, checked on 'friends' and yeah, everybody is excited!)

COmic Con season 4 video
Sheppard and McKay fighting in "Doppelganger." And from DG as well, I'm sure, McKay asking "I thought there'd be more hot girls," and Sheppard turning around, looking a bit out of it, saying "Yeah." Ends with a great shot of Sheppard getting zapped by electrical bolts. I suspect this is how they kill off the evil Sheppard.

David Hewlett Comic Con video
Have a scene of Sheppard and McKay in a rowboat in the rain, and Sheppard is being a real bastard saying "You're pathetic," to a very bedraggled McKay. From "Doppelganger." There's also a scene of Sheppard and McKay talking about Batman villians.

Joe Flanigan at Comic Con
The motherlode of "Doppelganger" spoilers. Sheppard fighting himself in the gate room, and one of them is getting thrown into a wall. Kate Heightmeyer describes Sheppard as behaving as a sociopath in everyone's dreams. Then the next scene is Sheppard buyring Ronon ALIVE. Eegads!! Then a clip from "Travelers" and the next, of Sheppard saying to Teyla "I was just about to come see you but I didn't know if you wanted to see me," and then she sadly hugs him. Want to know what that's about. 

Get ready for Stargate Atlantis!
30 second clip with stuff from "Doppelganger," "Travelers," "Adrift" and more.

Has clips with Keller and Teyla mostly.

My take on "Doppelganger" is that the evil Sheppard is doing everything the real Sheppard woudln't - betray Ronon, treat McKay like dirt, and lord knows what will happen with Teyla. Gah, why can't this episode have been of the screeners leaked!? Darn darn darn.

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