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Spoilers galore on Stargate Atlantis Season 4 (MSN Blog)

Hey, I'm linking and quoting an article which is chockful of spoilers, some of which will be quoted. Spoilerphobes should squeak in horror and flee. 

The MSN TV blog at http://tvfilter.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!DB9D137CC0F754C9!22076.entry has this big interview with Joe Mallozzi, in which he talks about upcoming episodes. Here are some snippets and my comments.

I won't lie. All the stuff about Carter coming over, I read and went 'meh,' since I really liked Weir and although I do like Carter, I'm not on her rah-rah best-thing-since-Cheese Whiz bandwagon ;)

So the character of Teyla will be pregnant for Season Four. And that will impact not only the team dynamic and her relationship, particularly with Sheppard, but an overall dark arc we set in motion early in the season.

For instance, the fact that she was pregnant, it's something she's afraid of revealing to the rest of the team, because she's afraid of how they're going to react and whether they'll still want her on the team. When she finally comes forward and reveals it, I can tell you some are happy and one is not very happy to find that basically she'd been keeping it a secret from him that long. So it strains relationships in that respect as well. What we set out to do in Season Four is untidy things a bit and strain relationships a bit and just see where we can go with that. 

I think this is Sheppard's and Teyla's relationship which gets strained. Angst! This does sound quite promising.
And anyone thinking Ronon, Sheppard or McKay is the dad, well, nope, nada. Or Lorne or Zelenka, as dad isn't part of the expedition. Hmmm...

JM: The first couple of episodes, she's more of a B-story, where Atlantis is lost in space and she's on the Apollo trying to find them. In the episode called "Reunion," she settles in. It's not an easy first day. In that particular episode, her settling in is the B-story, where the A-story is Ronon encountering some Satedans that he thought were killed in the fall of Sateda, his former friends and the unit he fought with. He's drawn to his past and has to make a decision, the decision between remaining with the life he's built on Atlantis or returning of the roots he knew. In the same episode, Carter is letting go of the roots she knew and building a new home on Atlantis. It's kind of interesting how those two stories intersect. Carter kind of runs afoul of Ronon, who doesn't appreciate her coming in and establishing certain protocols. She doesn't exactly run afoul of Sheppard, but they have a certain disagreement about mission priorities. It's a bit of a bumpy road for her, especially in an episode later on called "The Seer." It's an episode that explores her command decision. It forces her to step up and assume that command role in a big way under the scrutiny of Richard Woolsey, who happens to be there while all this is happening. He's there to review her three-month stay as commander, so there's added pressure. That's kind of another fun episode. It's always fun to have Bob Picardo swinging by. 

And at the end of the day, I think we've set up something very cool with the Weir character as well. So it's something we can explore further on down the line. 

I hope down the line isn't like seasons down the line. If they get a season five, they should bring Weir back. Yup, yup, unless of course she gets another series, And what will they do if Paul McGillion does get STAR TREK? Heh, they won't be able to afford him then ;)


FOUND another article, interview conducted with Joe Mallozzi at Comic-Con, at


in which Mallozzi talks about SHEPPARD'S backstory.

oe:  it’s one of things we’ve been well aware of,  that we’ve explored all the other characters but Sheppard, who is essentially the team leader but has had very little back story.  Joe [Flanigan, who plays Sheppard] came in and pitched a story, one of the stories he pitched out this year, that has the team traveling back to earth to deal w/ a situation.  It was a springboard, a kernel of an idea.  And then we started spinning it last week.  And we were thinking... this would be an opportunity to get into Sheppard’s background, something we’ve been talking about for quite awhile.  

One of the things we know from “Letters from Pegasus” - he has no connection back on earth and no one he felt strongly enough to send a message to [back to earth].   We also know he's divorced.  What's gong on there?  Does he have family, is he estranged from family?   The story line we're working on with him has him going back for a funeral.  And we’re thinking maybe someone with will go him - maybe Ronin or McKay will go back with him.  He'll reconnect w/ his family.  We'll be dealing with the big sci fi angle that will drive the story because all of our stories, obviously, have that angle.  But it will also give us an opportunity to explore Sheppard’s character.  What's going on w/ his family?  Why are they estranged?  We've come up w/ an atypical story for the character which is going to be a lot of fun.
We're still very early on.  We're still kicking around some ideas.  Hopefully, we’ll start spinning it on Monday.  This week coming up we hope we will have broken the last three stories -  this one, and the season finale which Paul pitched out.  And we have a blank spot.  It really depends on the budget, too.

And the rest, read the link above, and feel free to comment :)


I'm thrilled that Ronon is going to clash with Carter. It only makes sense as she's as by the book as a library stand. Weir bent and adjusted to go with the flow, and did what was necessary to ensure the survival of the city and its occupants, whereas Carter, from the sounds of it, will have to sit there and consider her job security if she screws up. 

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