wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stargate Atlantis' DAVID NYKL - headshots and interview

  Whoa! Found this beautiful shot while searching Google's blogs.

Details on where to find more under the cut.

You can find this shot, plus more great head shots of DAVID NYKL, at Fabrice Grover's blog at http://blog.fabricegrover.com/2007/09/david-nykl-head.html

You'll find half a dozen very nice new images of David, and a link to 27 shots that didn't make the cut. I'd really suggest people not swipe these to make their own websites as it's rare a headshot photographer puts out so many for people to view, and I'd hate to see them yanked off the site if someone decided to purloin 'em all.

He also did an interview at http://www.fadpov.com/read.php?ID=251. Check it out!!

Tags: david nykl, stargate atlantis
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