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Stargate Atlantis TORRI HIGGINSON speaks

From a new GW interview with TORRI HIGGINSON at http://www.gateworld.net/interviews/leaders_legacy.shtml (go to that link to read 4-page interview). Anyway, isn't what Torri's thinking sorta of what fans have been thinking for months on end??

GW: What can you tell us about the circumstances that led to the decision to
have you recurring?

TH: I can tell you nothing. [Laughter] I wasn't a part of the decision, so I
can tell you nothing about what their process was. I can hypothesize. To be
honest, to be frank -- and I don't judge them for it -- I believe that there is
a loyalty to the [SG-1] people and when they knew that show was ending they
tried to find a way to keep the people they'd been loyal to for ten years alive,
and I absolutely admire that. There is a lot of loyalty to this business. I
think that's very great, and very gracious of them.   

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