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Stargate Atlantis: #401 - Adrift (review ** SPOILERS **)

My spoiler-ridden, screencap-decorated (over 20 photos) review of the season 4 premiere of Stargate Atlantis!



A review

*** out of **** asterisks! ;)


First, why is the 10:00pm slot good? Cuz there’s the distinct likelihood we won’t be subject to some gawdawful ‘bug’ ad in the bottom corner of the screen mucking up the picture for whatever comes next. Phew.


I saw this episode (and “Lifeline”) as a screener (gasp, shock, but then who didn’t?<G>) and liked it very much then, and I was sure the addition of music and SPX noise would make it a lot better - it did!! Overall, I thought this was a much better 2nd part than the “Hive”/”Lost Boys” combo (“Siege” was still simply fantastic).




Well, first thing I hear as Keller is rushing Weir to the infirmary and the doc starts to do CPR is “idiots!” from the couch. My brother the EMS worker is having fun picking apart the medical flaws. Ronon’s piece of glass in the chest should have given him a pneumothorax. He’ll need surgery and should not be moving his arm. CPR on Weir should have been continued until you defib. And in CPR, you don’t worry about modesty. Person’s dead. You cut off the clothes for access (but yes, this is network TV so no nudity). This ain’t gonna win the ER doc of the year on TV award but then if George Clooney or Paul McGillion is your doctor, do you really care? ;)  Ahem.


Loved how Rodney just threw himself into saving the city, while Sheppard almost helplessly stands by demanding answers and can’t do anything as it all boils down to science.


ACT I………………………………………. 


I thought Sheppard was good about assuming command, not being so much in McKay’s face but just reminding him to please keep Shep in the loop. “If you dumb this down anymore you’re going to get hit.” Great line ;) as was “We’ll be able to put off imminent death… for another hour or so.”


The scene where the soldier and two scientists died as the shield collapsed was great drama. Just loved it. The expressions on their faces. Angst…….


No offense, but the midway station stuff with Carter and Dr. Lee was sorta, well, I was like, move along, move along, let’s get back to Atlantis!!


“Medicine is on these shows is (insert grumbled noise”) from the couch when Ronon is pushing along his IV pole with his bad side arm.


I liked that McKay finds Sheppard in Weir’s office when they decide to reduce the shield. Was Shep in there thinking about command, or Elizabeth, or both? I’d say both, but definitely Elizabeth. They’ve got years of friendship and relying on each other in a crisis, and I’d like to think that in season 4, at some point he might think/say “Elizabeth would have done differently.”


Ah, one of my favorite scenes for the expression on Sheppard’s face, when Keller tells him the bad news. Even if Elizabeth recovers, she may have substantial brain damage .. “if she survives,” and if that happens, she will never be the same person as before. Just that one scene where he momentarily purses his lips and blinks and you think, he’s gonna cry…. Sniff.


[NOW we know why people will watch Flash Gordon – just saw an ad saying during every single episode, they’ll show two minutes from Battlestar Galactica’s RAZOR). If that’s the case, that may mean no SGA ads, which means, adios Skiffy till 10pm!)


ACT II…………………………………. 


Only folks who watched the screener will chortle when they hear the page (as it was done by someone a lot different on the screener – it’s actually fascinating to compare). Okay, they survive the shield problem only to encounter a nasty little asteroid field.


I was like, only 20 people on base have the gene?? I thought more did? And we’ll have to assume Lorne was, er, in the background as he can fly a jumper (Kavan was probably busy on The 4400). “If McKay can do it, you can do it.”  And McKay compares shooting asteroids to the videogames in “Asteroids” (a REALLY old game in which McKay scored ZERO!) At least now we know we’ve got surplus jumpers so we can crash some in the coming season (we can hope, says a gleeful whumper). And McKay almost ended up a SPLAT on the tower ;) and then “I told you I was no good at Asteroids,” when they discover a bit of asteroid damaged the hyperdrive.


ACT III…………………………………..


Crap. A damned Ghost Hunters ad bug on the screen. ARGH! Anyway, love how Zelenka is hustled off to suit for a spacewalk.


I could see Keller going to McKay about the nanites, the last chance salvation for Elizabeth, but then Sheppard says NO (and this is the first time McKay has ever called Sheppard “John”). While McKay worked with emotion, wanting to save Elizabeth, Sheppard was putting the city first, even if it did cost Elizabeth her life, and interestingly, Radek backed him up. I could see Sheppard doing that. Earlier in his career, he’d risk HIS life to save others, but he’s not risking the entire city for one person, no matter who it is, and Elizabeth does mean something to him, as he means something to McKay, who has known Elizabeth even longer.


Boring Midway station scene. Sorry, just, I know, it’s set-up but I want to be back on Atlantis! “Maybe McKay underestimated the power requirements,” said Sam. Hmm… but the whole scene was sorta more comic relief.


Great visual design for the blown up section of the city and the much-wanted array station on the other side, with both Shep and Zelenka standing there looking dismal. I just love the blue tones they used in those outer space scenes.


[If I see one more SPECIES THE AWAKENING ads….. barf]


ACT IV…………………………………


Ah, pesky micro-asteroids blowing holes through things. I LOVED how Sheppard just tossed Zelenka to the array. “Then, I’m going to throw you.” “What WHAT WHAT?!” Ha! Stunning visuals.


Back to the nanite mess. McKay is 100% certain he can fix the things, but Elizabeth will die without them. Keller knows Sheppard still won’t agree to it so McKay still works on it.


When Radek got a hole through his leg from the micro asteroid, I hear “Duct tape? Don’t they have any duct tape?” from the couch. Bwahahah! Yes, MacGyver would be prepared.


Ah, one of my FAVORITE scenes – Ronon talking to the comatose Elizabeth, thanking her for letting him stay. So touching, and I’m glad to we get to see more insight into the man.


And Zelenka, the trouper, should get a raise for hanging around with a hole in his suit and leg to finish his job.


Okay, I can see Keller wanting to save Elizabeth, but she pushed McKay to bring the nanites DESPITE Sheppard’s big fat order of NO. Later on this.


Boring Midway scene again. Sorry. But yes, back quickly to Radek and Sheppard, who discover their repairs are for naught. Darn. The Jacuzzi drained the power so they can’t use the hyperdrive (well, Jacuzzi, big screen TV, whatever unnecessary systems sucked the power)


ACT V………………………………………


Sheppard comes to the infirmary, checks in with Ronon, and then, my second favorite scene, when he discovers that McKay and Keller DISOBEYED his order not to use the nanites. I had a problem with Keller pushing for McKay to do something when everybody knew Sheppard’s orders. And I could see why Sheppard was furious, and why he ordered the EMP generator. City first, Elizabeth second, and that is what she would have wanted. But when Elizabeth woke up, the point was moot (and wow, nanites grow back hair – I want some!)


I liked Shep’s and McKay’s apology scene. Just did. Wow, we heard McKay say “Sorry” and “John” in the same episode. Has Hell frozen over? ;)


Elizabeth finally awakens, only to tell


“Well, there’s not much point waiting in the infirmary to die,” mutters Zelenka. J as everybody discusses their options, with only a few minutes till end credits. Lo and behold, we have an experimental jumper (one of those things hinted at last season). And Rodney spies a great planet to harvest some ZedPMs – replicator world! We can see Shep doesn’t necessarily remember the designations so much as well as the scientists, for whom numbers and such are their lives.




Overall, a lot of technical talk but done very well, interspersed with angst and death and conflict. A good segueway between “First Strike” and “Lifeline” where the s**t will hit the fan. I loved that we got to see Zelenka in action, that we got conflict between Shep and McKay that also got resolved (and didn’t linger, like after “Trinity”).


I’m happy with it. Dark, moody and a good setup to next week’s episode, which is quite good!








Zelenka and Sheppard on spacewalk


Sheppard confronts McKay about Weir


Weir awakens after nanite repair


Zelenka astounded at walking in space


Sheppard during spacewalk


Ronon visits comatose Weir (very touching scene)


McKay, battered


Ronon – just pull it out


Keller realizes how serious Weir is


Keller with nurse


Sheppard and McKay, after men die


Teyla watches people die on screen


Sheppard watches people die on screen


McKay watches people die on screen


Sheppard and Teyla watch people die on screen


Sheppard, after men die


McKay and Chuck, after men die


Sheppard’s reaction to being told Weir might be brain damaged


Sheppard in jumper


Sheppard and Zelenka on spacewalk


Sheppard in spacesuit




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