wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Incompetents R Us - iTunes

In the latest screwup with Stargate Atlantis (the first being 'screener copies' of "Adrift" and "Lifeline" getting leaked out), now iTunes (aieee!) released "Doppelganger" instead of "Adrift." While a number of fans got their hands on it, the vast majority can't see it (iTunes apparently yanked it after probably informed by MGM - I'd love to have heard that phone conversation, or email (all in caps, I'm sure). I can sure see why NBC doesn't want anything to with iTunes as heck, they'd probably release HEROES out of order! ;) NBC was sooo right to sever ties with iTunes as this could conceivably harm SGA ratings for this episode. I mean, why watch it if you've got it on download? Sigh.

So, now must avoid certain forumsthreads until October 19th as some folk give away too much even in what they consider to be 'vague' comments. Sigh.
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