wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Fall TV

Decided I should partake of the new fall network fare before the axe falls and shows get axed.

Tried CHUCK on NBC - despite some critical acclaim, it's not something I'll rush off to watch, although seeing Adam Baldwin as the cold, killer spy agent reduced to working at a box store and not kill anyone was very funny in that one scene. HEROES totally confused me, picking up where it did, but I'm sure all will be explained in due time. JOURNEYMAN is sorta derivative but I do find it entertaining, mostly due to Kevin McKidd. Don't know if it will survive in its time slot and since they 'repurpose' it to SciFi, that's how I'm watching it. NCIS is as good as ever, I'll get around to watching HOUSE on DVD at this rate. At first PUSHING DAISIES sounded like a horrid prospect, waking up folk for a minute only to bump 'em off a minute later, but it was entertaining, and the lead actor (um, er, don't know name) is appealing. It's done in the style of a movie I've seen, but can't place. It's very weird but oddly enticing. Hmmm, watching all the CSIs - Horatio's got a new truant kid, Sara is alive but the actress is leaving the show on CSI (which means I should avoid all the GSR boards, etc. as they'll be up in arms), and can't think of any radical new developments in the NY show except I hope they put Gary Sinise in T-shirts more often. Oh, SUPERNATURAL starts season 3 tomorrow night and I suppose I should tape it to watch after I watch season 2 on DVD, as it's against CSI. I keep watching ER despite insane plots, and WITHOUT A TRACE, fun to watch, so I tape and see later. I tried MOONLIGHT but ti's anemic and the 400 year old vampire is too Type A fo rme ;)  Best show? Well, duh, STARGATE ATLANTIS :)

I can't say anything in the new fall season screams "watch me!" except SGA.

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