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Stargate Atlantis #402 - Review of "Lifeline" (contains Spoilers)


LIFELINE, a brief review of sorts as yawn, wanna get to sleep.


Recapping last week’s ADRIFT. 



Lost in space, shields down to bare minimum, Rodney basically resurrects Weir (against Sheppard’s orders) with replicator nanites and now they need a ZPM or else they’ll all die, and oh look, replicatorworld is just a hop and skip away in the souped-up jumper. So, they’re going to go steal some ZPMs. You just know this is all gonna go wrong…



As soon as Elizabeth became RepliWeir (a term I’ve seen on various boards), you just know where this is going (since the main credits are a dead giveaway to who is going to remain on the show until the next ‘culling’  * cough * )


In part 1, while McKay is operating more on emotion when it comes to Weir, Sheppard isn’t taking any chances. It’s great to see him actually put the command first, before the ‘we leave no people behind’ credo because in this instance, the wrong move could spell doom for everybody in the city, and maybe even Earth. But now that Elizabeth is alive, talking, etc., Sheppard isn’t so keen on disarming the nanites, which will spell her death, so he hopes that Rodney can keep the replicators from taking over. However, Elizabeth is more pragmatic. If she goes ‘bad,’ she orders Sheppard to use the kill switch.


As a note, I love watching Zelenka and McKay work together, love watching Sheppard say “you said you could do it” and then McKay whine and kevetch but he works so well under threat of imminent death.


For just a second, when Rodney said “opening hyperspace window,” I could have sworn he’d said “opening happy face window.” Argh, darn those TV commercials!


Well, okay, sorry, but we’re in the midst of great drama and it’s another romp in the park with Carter and Lee (comedic aspect added with tourist picture stuff). In fact, Lee seems to have been turned into comic relief and seriously, not every episode needs that. I’d much rather listen to Shep-McKay banter.


The action of going in to steal the ZPM was done well, nice and suspenseful, and went so smoothly so you knew, trouble was going to happen. Yup, McKay finds the motherlode, the Holy Grail of Replicator programming so they can turn the replicators back to their original intent – wiping out the pesky Wraith.


The twist with Elizabeth manipulating Oberoth was a nice one, though it’s sad that this is probably all we’ll see of Elizabeth for a while, as the episode sorta ended like it did with Ford: Sheppard not giving up, but the writers do. We’ll just have to see, and if there’s a fifth season, will there be a chance to bring back Elizabeth, even as recurring?


And at the crucial point where Elizabeth told htem to go as they were outnumbered, it looked like Ronon yanked Sheppard back so they would leave.


Best line: Sheppard to McKay, who’s going on about the city being destroyed in landing. “It never ends with you, you know?” “What?” Ha!


Great landing. Sure someone must have chipped a tooth or busted a bone.


Seemed fitting that Teyla clear Elizabeth’s office, although I couldn’t help think the blue box looked an awful like a recycling bin. I think Teyla’s reaction will probably be the most we’ll see of Elizabeth’s loss.


Overall, a good episode. Nice drama, and set-up for the future of course. We've got a new planet to explore, and hopefully they'll do that, plus the writers sure had better utilize that ‘venemous snake-like creature’ on the mainland.


Also, the city looked an awful like a snowglobe while going through space ;)





McKay and Ronon


Teyla - yes, you guys go off and get into trouble. I'll stay back here and redecorate...


Ronon and Sheppard - can't we muzzle McKay? he talks and talks and talks...


Weir - Oh oh, did I leave....


Elizabeth, you left the iron on?! You could burn down Atlantis!


Rodney: Don't worry, I can deactivate the iron via my wireless laptop




Sheppard, grumble grumble


Sheppard and Ronon




Ronon with gun


Sheppard and McKay in jail (yeah, so many fans' fantasies *cough*)


Weir "no, no, that's not my fantasy, nope, not at all"


Sheppard aims gun at replicators I


Sheppard aims gun at replicators while Ronon pulls him back


Rodney not happy, not happy at all "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!"


Carter and McKay as city comes in for landing


Sheppard after city lands, reflecting on all that’s happened. Argh, the angst on his face!


Sheppard, after landing city, with superimposed city; think this is my favorite


 And that's it!

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