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Stargate Atlantis: Joe Flanigan SciFi Q&A, transcript + screencaps, 1/3




The video starts off with a clip of alien ‘bad guy’ interrogating Sheppard in the as yet-unaired episode TRAVELERS.


Joe answers everything in a very tongue-in-cheek style, so if you can watch it, do so!

Pfyre: How much backstory were you given when you took the role?


Joe: The question about backstory. I wasn’t given really any backstory. I was told that I like fast cars and ferris wheels or something like that, and I was an Air Force pilot that was not incredibly well-behaved (clip from PHANTOMS) And I was consequently given some really unglamorous post down in the Antarctic flying helicopters (clip from RISING in chopper). Excuse me for my lollipop, Pyfre. I just wrote a story that we finished shooting this morning about my backstory. [OUTCAST] It’s going to be the first time anybody knows anything about my backstory, and you’re going to learn about my mom, I mean my dad, and my brother and my (whispers) ex-wife. Take that little spoiler, people, hope it doesn’t spoil things. It’s very interesting though, and I’m partial to the story because well, I came up with the story.





ArchersAngel: What other role would you like to play on Atlantis?


Joe: ArchersAngel, if I could play any other role in Atlantis, I would like to play Hermiod. Yeah. He’s a puppet. Sometimes I feel like a puppet, too. Sometimes I feel like an alien – I feel vulnerable, lonely, mysterious, I feel like Hermiod. I have an inner Hermiod inside that I need to fulfill.





MothmanMike: What is your favorite Johnny Cash song?


MothmanMike, you’ve asked the best question of the day. Johnny Cash. That depends, you see. That’s the beauty of it, it’s like the ocean. Every day the ocean looks a little different, right? You listen to Johnny Cash one day, you like one song, you listen to him the next day, you like another song. The song that I personally am liking right now is he sings this song with Bob Dylan, ‘Girl from North Country,’ and that’s the song I’ve got in my head.


Interviewer: Do you sing? Can you give us a little…?


Joe: No (looks a bit horrified). Please.


Interviewer: Thought I’d try.


Joe: I… (interviewer laughs) I’d lose my job. I’d lose all my jobs.





Squall78: Do you think your character is similar to Jack O'Neill in some ways?


Joe: Squall78, interesting question. I don’t think so. Nobody’s really asked me that question. Um, they used to ask me that a lot before the pilot premiered and then after the premiered nobody’s asked me since, so I think that just by that alone, shows that I’m not really like—watch the show, you can decide. … Squall 78? Where did you get that name? Where did you get that email? Get a new handle! See ya.



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