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I'll have a side order of cripsy bugs please...

 Some weird news you can talk about at work tomorrow!

Wish you had this kind of cash?...

An Italian couple paid £7,000 for a private helicopter to take their cat, Fufi, from Rome to Sardinia because it was afraid of planes and boats.They were moving home from the Italian capital to the island of Sardinia. Their black cat Fufi refused to go near any of the ferries they could have taken and was terrified of planes - but seemed happy around helicopters. "Fufi means a lot to us, and so investing so much money in one trip was worth it."


Maybe this will stop the guy from having kids when something freezes off...

Mountaineering authorities in Nepal want to ban nudity and 'obscene record' bids on Mount Everest. A Nepali climber claimed the world's highest display of nudity on the world's highest mountain last year. He disrobed for several minutes on the 29,035ft summit in temperatures about -10C, reports Metro. …


Alien' sheep bring them flocking...

A flock of 'alien' sheep has become a local attraction in a Romanian village after all 250 turned green overnight. The owner of the sheep, in the village of Arsa from Constanta county, called the vet to see what was wrong with his animals. Locals came flocking to see the unusual sight while the local vet took samples from the sheep wool and discovered they had all been treated with a solution of limestone. The shepherd said he used the solution to help a few animals get rid of a skin disease. Shepherd Cristinel Florea said: "A few of my sheep got sick one year ago, they got a sort of rash on their skin. "I tried all sorts of treatments but nothing seemed to work. So I decided to use the limestone and all my sheep look like aliens now." Vet Grigore Mertoiu said: "Everyone was puzzled at first but then the owner told us he used limestone to treat his sheep. "The poor animals turned all green during the night because it was a little chilly and they slept very close."


Australians are being urged to get rid of a plague of moths - by eating them.

The "munch a moth" campaign is being led by Jean-Paul Bruneteau, 51, a French-born chef, reports the Daily Telegraph. He first began eating the brown bogong moths 11 years ago while researching a book on bush tucker eaten by Aborigines. "They have a lovely popcorn flavour, like hazelnut," he said. Mr Bruneteau, who has run "bush tucker" restaurants in Sydney and Paris, suggests pulling off the furry wings, then popping the moths in the oven for three minutes in a splash of canola oil. Alternatively the chef, recommends putting them through a coffee blender and sprinkling them into an omelette, pancake or crepe. Martyn Robinson, a naturalist who works at the Australian Museum in Sydney, is another dedicated moth muncher, preferring to catch them on his windowsill, hold them by the wings then pop them in his mouth. But Mr Robinson's initial enthusiasm for eating the native moths waned after he discovered that they contain high levels of arsenic, the result of eating farm crops sprayed with pesticides. He also warns about their fat content: one study found that 3oz of bogong moth abdomen contains three times as much fat as a Big Mac. (from Ananova.com)


Nikon's Small World Contest: A Gallery of Beautiful Tiny Things

Check it out - http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/multimedia/2007/10/gallery_small_world
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