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And it's raining and I might as well rip apart the Fall TV season...

Let's see, I've watched a bit more. Still taping JOURNEYMAN on NBC. Don't know if it's a keeper, but I like Kevin McKidd so will decide later. It's against CSI: MIAMI, which has gotten a bit soapish, but oddly enough, it's still appealing. I tried about two minutes of ABC's CAVEMAN and why on Earth is that dreck not yet extinct? Yeouch, but it is BAD!! I really feel for any TV critic who actually had to sit through all 20 minutes of it (I'm assuming they don't get subjected to commercials). I finally got around to watching LIFE (NBC) and it's appealing, though not a keeper. I guess I've seen too many 'quirky' detectives, but I do like the lead actor. I'm giving PUSHING DAISIES (which at first I felt was an awful premise) another try tonight. It's just so weird, a mixture of the dry British narration of HItchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, with a dash of perverse Tim Burton stuff. Hmm, I could do without the singing number they put into tonight's episode though...

I figure tonight is the night for cast changes on CRIMINAL MINDS, which is my 'leave on in the background' show untl CSI: NY airs (which has gotten better, especially since they got Gary Sinise in T-shirts - yes, I can be shallow) ;) CSI is still percolating along, and I don't miss that Sara is going to leave, and I don't care that Sara and Grissom are an item, although there are bits and pieces in the first seven seasons which seem to negate that but oh well, I suppose I watch mostly for William Petersen and the science stuff anyway. WITHOUT A TRACE is still good, E.R. is dragging along, I miss Luka, but I'll psuedo-watch it (tape it, speed search through characters I'm 'meh' about). I gave up on MOONLIGHT on the second episode. I love LAS VEGAS with Tom Selleck (I tape it while I watch STARATE ATLANTIS live) :)

Meanwhile, picked up the DVD of BLACK SHEEP which I will watch this weekend, unless I find a 90 minute block of time before that. Genetically mutated killer sheep! YES!!! :)
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