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Stargate Atlantis: Jason Momoa SciFi Q&A transcript + screencaps

SciFi.com put put up part 1 of a video Q&A with JASON MOMOA at http://video.scifi.com/player/?id=166037. You can view it there. Please note: this video DOES contain spoilers some unaired season 4 episodes (some key points, I dare say).

I've done up a transcript with over two dozen screencaps of Jason and scenes from that episode, below the cut.

Clips of Ronon from RUNNER and SATEDA.


Ubastira: I love Ronon and think you do a great job of portraying him. Is this your first scifi job and what would you like next for Ronon?


Jason: Ubastira, this is my first experience with scifi. I do love it because I guess in scifi there’s no really rules, you can do whatever you want to and you know, the storylines can be pretty interesting. (clips from RUNNER, then LIFELINE) So, I absolutely love it and my character is great. As far as upcoming things, I’m pretty satisfied with what the writers have given me on this third season. And I’m having fun.






Squall78: Do you think we’ll see more Ronon-focused episodes like “Sateda”?


(clip from end of RUNNER)


Jason: Squall78, absolutely. There’s a two very SATEDA--esque kind of shows coming out. One of them’s with Chris Judge so that was a real pleasure working with him.



[Fight scene is shown of Ronon beating up some poor guy in the gym as Teal’c and Sam arrive.]


Teal’c: Is that him?

Sam: Yup.




Teal’c: Perhaps you can leave us to become better acquainted.



Sam: Sure




Jason: I got beat up pretty bad so I think it was actually harder to shoot as far as physical-wise because of the physicality of it and SATEDA.



[Clips of Teal’c and Ronon at table interspersed with gym fight scenes which went by too fast to really cap properly]


Teal’c: Is it true that negligence on your part is what first alerted the Wraith to your presence? That your reckless actions brought about the deaths of thousands of innocent people?









Teal’c: Indeed it is.



Jason: So, two really good episodes coming up. Um, Ronon and as far as stuff I’d want to happen this year, I think all the dreams came true this year, so it’s my favorite season, so far.


Teal’c (to Sam): Indeed.



Ronon: You say that a lot.

Teal’c: What?

Ronon: Indeed.

Teal’c: Do I?…  I have not noticed.







Ubastira: How long did it take to get the tattoo on your left arm done?


Jason: Um, I think it was eight hours. Two hours of drawing, I think six hours to do. Pretty full on. It was like first three hours is fine, I’m having a conversation, fourth hour is irritating, fifth hour’s like ‘God, I’m over this’, and sixth I was… I won’t do six hours again. It’s too much and I’m really impatient so I don’t like sitting still so… (grins)










[Clip from SATEDA with his soon to be dead significant other, then warehouse explosion, then Ronon visiting comatose Weir in ADRIFT.]


Blue007: What three words best describe you as a person?


Jason:  Blue double oh seven. How’s it going? Best three words to describe me are… fun-loving asshole and big dumb animal? Sound good?


[Clip from RETURN of Ronon picking up Sheppard, followed by several from RUNNER.]







Go here to see Part 1 of JOE FLANIGAN’s video Q&A


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