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Stargate Atlantis #403 – Review of “Reunion” (contains spoilers)

 Below the cut you’ll find my review/comments on Stargate Atlantis episode #403 – “Reunion”.

Stargate Atlantis





Oh, loved the guy swooning over Teyla for the ‘arranged marriage.’


Teyla’s new leather look is, er, interesting. What’s with the snakeskin-like collar? Me thinks the new leather look is to hide Rachel’s pregnancy, but anyway, loved the part where the three “loudmouthed drunkards” had her pinned to the bar, ready to filet her, when Ronon saves the day, only to realize these ruffians are his FRIENDS! Just the look on Teyla’s face of utter disgust as they throw themselves all over Ronon is priceless. And I could swear I’ve seen that bar before, maybe half a dozen times, on SG1 ;)


Meanwhile, poor Radek is probably getting an ulcer as Rodney tells him he thinks he’s gonna be the new head of Atlantis. “Very scary.” Talk about delusions of grandeur, which promptly deflates like a stuck balloon when he finds Sheppard talking to their new boss- Carter.




My biggest gripe about the Sam-Teal’c scene. Could they have shellaced her bangs any more to her head? Yeah, sorry, but I was hoping she’d trim ‘em a little.  I don’t begrudge her the crying a little (Sam is the only character in SG1 who is allowed to do that, after all). A bit schmaltzy but the scene was brief so no problem. Teal’c looks like he’s been putting oil in his hair ;)


Ah, so obviously they have enough ZPMs to go back and forth I guess. So, does that mean they’ve got one back on earth? Or did they pull it from the Daedalus or Apollo just for that occasion?


Okay, now we got Jason’s tattoo worked into the show so its sudden appearance can be explained.


“That son of a…” loved how Rodney got ticked off when Sheppard left the fruitbasket after telling Rodney how tacky it would be to give Carter such a welcoming gift. However, I hope this is the conclusion of McKay’s ‘unrequited lust’ for Carter as although in the few episodes he did in SG1, it was funny, but as an overall thread though a series, it could be deathly boring and it does nothing but regress Rodney.


Anybody else wonder why Ronon had to be introduced to Sam? I mean, he was in “Lifeline”. Didn’t she meet the rest of the team while she was there? Quibble quibble. Okay, enjoyed the conflict between Ronon and Sam and the fact that well, at least we got some mention of Weir.




Sheppard was on the ‘short list’ to be commander. Interesting. The rescue mission conversation seemed very similar to “Rising” when Sheppard told Weir he was going to run off and save Sumner (even to the point it was done on the balcony). I could see Sheppard being okay with not being in command, what with the politics and whatnot. I like how Sheppard still thinks Elizabeth is alive and worth rescuing. And I predict Sheppard isn’t going to come up with a brilliant plan to go rescue Weir as, well, Rodney would have come up with it already, and TPTB had decided to remove Weir, so…. but unlike in “Rising,” Sheppard also had progressed enough to know that he couldn’t go off with the ‘don’t leave anyone behind motto’ as his motivation to off to enact a rescue.


Oh yup, Rachel’s showing! ;) Saw that in the sparring scene, which was a great character piece for both Teyla and Ronon. I liked that we got a little more insight into Teyla and her leadership skills and even self-doubts, which we haven’t really had voiced before.


Okay, the Satedan crowd mentioning the replicator code being cracked is like someone saying “oh, they’ve got your password to your bank account.” ACK! So, they’re lured in (obviously). Ooh, Sheppard did not look happy when Ronon said once the operation was over, he’d be leaving Atlantis.




Whoa, Ronon’s quarters. We finally get to see it. Must go back and see what’s there. Ah, low bed (quite low), candles (I’m amazed nobody’s burned down something yet in Atlantis), the painting (from Sateda or Walmart??), more candles, some sticks and stuff in the corner, weapons.


The discussion between Ronon and Carter was interesting, but I don’t know, it was sorta like a pep talk, at least it sounded sorta like it to me.


Okay, I quibbled about it for years on SG1, so why stop now? ;) Sam’s hair still looks sorta ratty. It’s a combination of just too much hairspray and strategically mussed hair. Oh well. Probably not going to change. And the uniform looked, er, um, cough, a little tight. I really don’t care for the new uniforms with the darts and color slashes and funnel sleeves. Too retro sixties scifi. Yeah, I like the old uniforms a lot better. Personal preference. I’ll stop complaining when they make new uniforms for season 5 ;)


Leave it to McKay to piss off the big burly Satedan with that remark in the jumper (“you’re amateurs”). Being a Sheppard fan, loved how he just coolly went into the wraith lair, gun out in one hand and LSD in the other. Now we know the wraith have their own version of transporters (did they have them before? I really don’t recall ‘em). Best part of ensuing disaster was Ronon’s look of longing as Sheppard, McKay and Teyla go one way, and he stands there, watching, and then, as he follows the Satedans. Then Shep et. al. run into Wraith and machine gun fire ensues and Ronon does not hesitate for a second to run to the rescue. Yes! Ronon’s a man of few words, basically, and he even though he had a lot more dialogue in this episode than in most of season 3(!), he can still say a lot with expressions as well.


We can see changes in Sheppard. A year ago he would have wanted to rescue the “vending machine” folk but now knows it’s impossible. Loved how Rodney finally got the door open but not in time as Sheppard gets stunned. Very cool that he was smart enough to hide in a cocoon! But then the Satedans stun the poor guy. Just can’t win. And wow, does that wraith ever have puffy white hair! Geez, high humidity inside that ship or auditioning for the haunted castle?




Loved how Ronon just slid in through the gate and went off running to see Carter and why on earth was Zelenka standing right in the line of fire?? Hmm. Especially since there were two armed soldiers standing right there, even more out of the line of fire than him.


The jail scene. Sheppard just recovers from being stunned and then gets shot again. Nice whump factor J  “Be strong, Rodney,” encourages Teyla but the scientist is obviously heading toward cracking like an egg as he’s spending all his time talking a mile a minute. And wasn’t wraith décor more blue last year? It’s sorta reddish-orange now, unless it’s just a different group, different decorators.


Everytime I see a flashbang used on SGA I’m going to go “it’s not like that.” I only say that because I recently got the chance to see one in action by a SWAT team. They’re not so much blinding as DEAFENING. It’s like a cherry bomb. KABOOM! Really startles you.


Oh wait, it’s Carter’s dominatrix/biker chick black leather outfit from the promo photos!  Couldn’t tell at first as it was dark and she’s got a vest on over that and well, that’s one way to sweat off the pounds. Sheppard’s still got the best and most practical uniform.


Anyway, not sure why Carter went on the mission – she’s the boss – barely been there a day and she’s running off to do rescues? Would have made more sense for folks who have previously been in Wraith infested installations (like Lorne and other marines).


Poor Ronon. His good buddy Satedans are Wraith worshippers but he’s still willing to let them escape, give them a chance. Must admit the “we’ll settle this like true Satedans” stuff makes me wonder how the Satedans lasted as long as they did (but then I wonder that about the Jaffa too – they’re just as inane in fighting)  Good fight scene though and I guess there’s the chance we could run across Tyre again (well, probably as much chance as running across Ford).


Did Ronon’s response to Carter’s “Ronon, where are you friends?” He walks past her then looks at Sheppard and McKay and says “They’re right here.” Oh man, we need some fanfic to wrap up that.


Rodney purloined Ronon’s painting?? Somehow I can’t see Rodney liking that style of painting…




Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It was good, like a B, but not great, like an A.  At times a few things seemed rushed, and Carter seemed a bit too much of a ‘newbie’ on the city for being chosen to take it over. I mean in that she was there during “Lifeline” and unless she packed up and left a few hours later, which we know she didn’t, she had to have seen the city during the day and the “this is Ronon” thing was weird. But anyway…I really liked Ronon in this episode; he got to do more than just shoot people and we got to see him longing for something else besides killing Wraith. Friends and ties back to a life he’d lost.


I would like to know how much time had elapsed between LIFELINE and this episode. It seems like quite a bit of time elapsed, as the IOA was stonewalling Sheppard’s requests to go rescue Weir, and nobody seemed particularly frazzled or jumpy (which you’d think they’d be after the trauma of LIFELINE). Which, I would suspect, meant that Sheppard was in temporary command of the city for a while. I also suspect a fair amount of time must have passed as Carter is calling Sheppard “John.” And the wraith-replicators are going after each other.


So, did the one lone replicator guy decimate all the wraith on the ship? Did they rescue any of the vending machine folk?


Noticed that Ronon called Sheppard ‘John’ again (first time was in “Vengeance”). Sheppard called Carter “Colonel" (as I know this has been a topic of discussion on other boards)


I’ll probably go back and rewatch it tomorrow, but it’s midnight, so YAWN, gonna hit the sack. These are my initial reactions to the episode


I’m waiting for fanfiction to fill in all the holes, especially between the episodes.


And next week, yes, DOPPELGANGER!!!


 And, sorry, no screencaps this time around, but I'm sure somebody is doing 'em and if you want to list links to any, feel free to do so in the comments.

NOTE: Found a LJ with some good screencaps from this episode at http://nel-ani.livejournal.com/331239.html

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