wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Black Sheep, the movie!

Got the time to pop in the DVD of the New Zealand black comedy-horror flick BLACK SHEEP, about, what else? Killer sheep!

It was funny! Lovely pastoral fields, fluffy almost white sheep that, through one idiot's genetic manipulation, turns them into a horde, er, flock, of man-eating killer sheep. It's played tongue-in-cheek, with likeable and not so likeable characters, populating the flick. Henry is our hero. He's got severe sheep phobia issues due to a bad childhood experience brought upon him by his brother Angus, who now runs the family sheep ranch and is buying out Henry (who's okay with that as the sight of a baaing sheep makes him grab his cellphone to call his therapist). 

It all goes to hell in a handbasket when two environmental types accidentally let loose one of the genetically altered sheep that should have been destroyed. The whole movie takes place over one day, really, as the sheep go on a rampage and well, even when people get eaten, you laugh as it's done so well.

If you like whacky litle horror flicks, and animals eating people ;) this flick's for you. 

Here's their official website: http://www.blacksheep-themovie.com/
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