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Stargate Atlantis: Joe Flanigan at Armageddon Expo - links and pictures

ARMAGEDDON Expo – held October 13-14, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia


Relevant Guests: Joe Flanigan, Connor Trinneer (Michael from Stargate Atlantis episode “Michael”)


Excerpts only. Visit Livejournal links for complete text plus many pretty pictures of Joe Flanigan in his lumberjack shirt (I’m never gonna get that Monty Python song out of my head) J However, in reading the posts, ack, can’t believe you evil Aussies enticed JF to try Vegemite! What are you trying to do? Kill him! ;)


Part 1 – Whilst we were waiting for him, the organiser guy talked to us for a while. He was talking about how amazed they were by the turn out, and how excited they were that Joe had agree to come. The Hewlett had been planning on attending, but had to pull out when his baby was due so close to the date. Luckily for them (and us) Joe agreed to attend instead. They hope to run it again in the first week of November next year, and hopefully David will be able to make it! (I am so there!!)



Part 2 – The Still Sort of Short Version: Today I met His Hotness, otherwise known as Joe Flanigan. It was wonderful! He was incredibly interesting, nice and intelligent --- and also very hot! I got his autograph and a photo with him. It was a perfect weekend!



Ha! Joe Flanigan did turn up in Melbourne and was charming, intelligent, funny and very talkative! I had no pre-conceptions or expectations except that he'd be interesting to listen to and he wowed us all with jokes, comments, wraith impersonations, hotness and incredible warm sense of fun! No he did not wear that white shirt but goddamnit, he was every bit as mesmerising and impressive as they say he is in other con reports!



Joe Flanigan was asked the question whether any of the scripts took his character to places that he didn't want to go and he answered that it wasn't so much specific actions or plots that they'd ever tried to give Sheppard, but he did often "fight them" when they decided that they to make his character "more earnest". Apparently, some of TPTB have told him that because he's the hero, he has to show that he "cares" more obviously. His argument is that he thinks that it's more powerful when you see a character fighting against showing that he cares and holding back emotion. He thinks that has a lot more resonance. He said "it's the difference between things having just one level and having two levels." That it's more powerful, especially with guys, seeing them fighting NOT to show any emotion than to just see them cry.



JF did a great Q&A session. Interestingly he likes answering questions about himself rather than about his character.
* JF (and everyone) misses Torri Higginson but likes working with Amanda Tapping.
* Someone asks about Torri and Paul McGillion leaving the show. JF responded by saying that he is very protective of the cast. Had he known Paul was being written out he would have tried any/everything to stop that from happening. Unfortunately he said that this attitude is probably what kept him out finding out about Beckett's departure.
* </v:stroke></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:f></v:formulas></v:path></o:lock></v:shapetype></v:imagedata></v:shape></a>garneteve
asks JF for a Wraith impression! JF describes his Wraith impression as "probably going to be B grade movie". Imagine JF stomping like a giant then wielding his hand like a Wraith, all with sound effects, it's very funny.
* JF trys out vegemite... he tastes a bit and is speechless. Poor man!</span>



to Post: Armageddon 07, aka 'The Wrath of Con'

Sroll down through many costume pictures to find one of Connor and one of Joe.



After the panel was over we went downstairs and I joined the line to get Joe’s autograph. It was a very, very, long line, and I had to wait more than 2 hours (my friends also waited with me, for which they are made of awesome *huggles*). Anyway, I finally got there after a long time waiting (which was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT, I might add). While he was signing the photo, I asked him a question that prompted a short conversation about his hair.
Me: So, how do you get your hair to go like that?
Joe: *looks up and ruffles hair*
Me: (thinking- aosdhglsdkghlskdg)
Joe: [paraphrased] Well, it’s a funny story. I was born with this funky hair, kinda like Asian hair (still running a hand over his hair). And it just sticks up all over the place.
Me: (still thinking-aghalkghdspgsudh SAY SOMETHING DAMNIT) So you just wake up like that?
Joe: Oh no, it’s worse when I wake up.
Me: Ah *probably grinning like an idiot at this point*



Everyone screamed when he came out (me included) and he was great. He gave away quite a few spoilers for season 4 and did a great impersonation of a wraith. Apparently it's him we owe thanks to for getting Dr Beckett back in the show this season. Anyways, after that amazing hour was over we headed down and got in the queue for my photo with him. Whilst queuing, I jumped over and got Alan Tudyk's sig and photo and then at last, i got to go and meet Joe. I got to touch Joe Flanigan!



Photos of Joe.



Then we went around to the other side of the expo where Joe Flanigan had moved to avoid all the cameras [& specifically asked for no photos--poor guy]. I said to myself, "this time, I'm going to make conversation!" but this is JOE FLANIGAN PEOPLE. JOE BLOODY FLANIGAN.
So there was about a half-second of really awkward silence while he stared at me and I said "um." Then he asked me my name and signed it and I moved off out of the area so my friend could get hers signed.
BAAAHAHAHAHA I am such a social failure. *dies*



And Sunday, ohmygod, Sunday. There was Joe Flanigan. And his panel was fantastic. Someone asked whether John and Rodney's chemistry translated into real life. His answer was "Uh, it's platonic..." And then, because they are clearly sadistic, they made him taste Vegemite (an Australian spread made of yeast that tastes absolutely SHOCKING) and the look on his face. It was ':(' but exaggerated.




Connor Trinneer and fan - http://flickr.com/photos/sgalvin/1567659029/

Connor Trinneer and fan - http://flickr.com/photos/dogmatic/1567491817/

Joe Flanigan - http://flickr.com/photos/sgalvin/1568526508/

Joe Flanigan - http://flickr.com/photos/sgalvin/1567633435/





Some more Comic Con photo links


Joe Flanigan


The hair! - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1451600163/


David Hewlett & Jewel Staite - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1451600573/

Joe and David - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1451600709/

Amanda Tapping and Joe - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1452460124/

Amanda - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1451599937/

Amanda - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1452459074/

Amanda - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1452458778/

Amanda, David, Joe and Joe Mallozzi - http://flickr.com/photos/carpemomentum/1451604547/




A crew member(?) took photos of fellow crewmembers at the Stargate Atlantis wrap party




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