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Torri Higginson in NCIS

Ah, Torri appeared in NCIS tonight.

Spoilers under the cut for those who are spoilerphobes.

October 16, 2007

Torri Higginson appeared near the beginning and at the end of the episode. Wow, watching her in this made me miss her in Stargate Atlantis. She was the rather amusing but overworked coroner, Dr. Jordon (or Jordan), who missed a vital piece of evidence. Seems a guy came through her office, who had a rather obvious cause of death, so she accidentally overlooked the mercury that had been injected into his brain! Ducky (David McCallum) discovered this (it's how the episode began) and was furious at the doctor, until he met her, and sparks flew. Yup, Ducky and Jordan were smiling at each other quite a bit, and in the second scene, toward the end, she came to his office and helped solve the tattoo mystery.

Hopefully this character will reappear (as she wasn't killed off or made a bad guy) and it was so much fun watching Ducky flirting with her.

MEANWHILE, as a total off-topic subject, switched channels after that and saw a one-hour show on Discovery or TLC about bodies on the beach. Yeah, buffed bods, out of shape bods, etc. The segment on 'wax or not?' - and this is on hairy guys, was rather funny. "If the guy takes off his shirt and he's got a sweater underneath, that's too much," the blonde being questioned replied. Yeah, they showed one or two Yeti contenders ;) The beach, alas, is not populated with Baywatch clones ;)

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