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Stargate Atlantis: Jewel State SciFi Video Q&A transcript + screencaps, part 1/3

SciFi Video Q&A with Jewel Staite of Stargate Atlantis


Video can be found at http://video.scifi.com/player/?fid=20030#videoid=169322

Below you’ll find a transcript plus crappy screencaps (eh, I work with what SciFi gives me). There are photos from as yet-unaired episodes, with some spoilers, so intense spoilerphobes should depart NOW. 

1) EasyGordon: What was it like joining the seasoned cast of Stargate Atlantis?...and did you ever feel like an outsider?


Jewel: EasyGordon, hi. (waves). I felt a little bit like a outsider just because because these guys have been at it so long. And this crew is also part of the SG-1 crew so they've been at it for 11 years now. So, everybody was really welcoming and really sweet to me but I did feel like I had to impress a little bit. And I was a bit of an eager-beaver and I was always on my mark before everybody else and got here five minutes early and then, after episode five, I was like ‘whatever,  I was still at Starbucks and five minutes late just like everybody else.


CLIP of Ronon and Keller in infirmary. He’s lying on bed.

     Keller: Maybe we could pass the time by getting to know each other better. Ronon: What do you have in mind? Keller: Let’s talk

Segue to CLIP of the two of them sitting, about to kiss and then the lights go out and she looks up.

CLIP with Sheppard and Teyla seated for lunch when Keller comes over, and Ronon moves over and then Carter arrives.

    Keller: Mind if I join you? Sheppard: Sure, go ahead.

CLIP from "Adrift" just before Keller tells Sheppard that Weir will probably be brain damaged

CLIP from ?? of Sheppard walking, Keller walking alongside him.












2) Archersangel & WraithFodder: How does working on ATLANTIS differ from your work in FIREFLY?


Jewel: Okay, this is for Archersangel and Wraith…fodder. Those are really creepy names. I would say the biggest difference, being on this set as opposed to something like FIREFLY is that it's really clean.  Everything’s really pristine. Remember on FIREFLY we had this couch, in the common area, and it kind of smelled like cat pee (1) because the studio had these stray cats running around. They could never catch them. So they would, I guess, pee and when we weren't on set, we’d be forced to sit in this chair,so this set, in particular, does not smell like cat urine, which is nice.


CLIP of Keller and Teyla talking in infirmary

   Teyla: What are those? Keller: Lollipops. Makes the checkups go easier. Teyla: You will make a wonderful impression

CLIP from "Rising" of Ford jumping backwards through gate


(1) Quick clips of Ronon saying ‘that doesn’t sound pleasant.’ Weir and Sheppard, saying “It isn’t. I know enough to know I don’t want anything to do with them."


CLIP from "Doppelganger" of Keller telling Sheppard he's okay after the shock

     Keller: No more touching strange things. Sheppard: That's good advice.











3) ShanYu: How is your FIREFLY character different from your new role?


Jewel: Hi ShanYu (waves). The characters… in terms of how different Jennifer is to Kaylee is - we're talking worlds [apart]. Kaylee is very bright-eyed and very sweet and honest and kind of naïve in that she trusts everybody she comes in contact with, which I think has always been one of her flaws. She's inexperienced, she doesn't really know a lot about the world, and Keller has maybe a little bit of a … jaded (laughs) kind of quality to her. She's getting used to the danger element of things. She hates it. She can't stand dealing with it. She's also a little bit apprehensive. She really feels like she has to prove herself in situations and doesn't trust her abilities completely whereas Kaylee really trusted who she was and was very open minded.


CLIP of weapon embedding in tree in front of Keller, Teyla fighting, kills bad guy.

     Teyla: "That one’s dead". Keller: "That one’s still alive." Teyla grabs knife to finish him off (watch in background as Jewel speaks, you'll see people moving either furniture or large props!)

Clips from FIREFLY

CLIP of Keller and Teyla in infirmary

CLIP of Keller threatening to shoot bad guy on planet

     Keller:” I'll shoot you”. Bad guy: “You don't have it in you. You're a healer.” Keller:” You're right. I am a healer, but first I need something to heal.” (and she shoots him in the leg)










4) Wraithfodder: What have your best and worst experiences been on Atlantis?


Jewel: Hi, Wraithfodder, again. My best experience, so far, on Atlantis, has probably been working side by side with Amanda Tapping. I call her the 'Tappinator.' She's a bad-ass. And Rache ljust because I really miss having a girl around to talk to with all these guys and all the testosterone flying around. So we got to do some major girl bonding. And the worst part of the experience was probably being teased by David Hewlett. He pretty much teases me(1)  incessantly all the time for being new. I think that's his way of saying he loves me the most, but I don't know. And then also one of my best experiences was seeing him fall during a stunt. Just kind of got him back for making me feel like crap for the last few weeks. He basically was supposed to do a leap away (2) from a firey blast and land on a stunt mat, and even though the stunt mat is quite large, and bright blue, he seemed to miss it by about this much (holds out hands to indicate a couple feet) and landed on his face. So after that, I didn't feel so bad about the teasing.


CLIPS from "Sunday" of Beckett getting blown up

CLIP of McKay looking at photo of him and Beckett from end of “First Strike”

CLIP from "First Strike" of Keller and Weir walking along

  Keller: Look, after Carson… I'm not qualified to run a department of this size. You need someone… better.  Weir: Everyone down there says you're doing great.

CLIP from LIFELINE of Weir on operating table and Keller standing over her

     Keller: I can’t let her get to 40.

CLIP of Carter and Keller going up stairs

CLIP of Keller and Teyla standing in front of open gate

CLIP of Carter breaking up fight between Ronon and another crewman

(1) CLIP of Rodney shouting (to Katie) "Hello? This is what I do!"

CLIP of Katie Brown looking forlorn and Rodney in front of her

     Rodney: "This is the burden I bear." [think that’s what he said]

(2) CLIP of Rodney running from cave in "Phantoms" and throwing himself to ground, then rolls over and says “What the hell?”












NOTE: Yup, that Wraithfodder in this Q&A is me.

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